Debate 4

From Internet, Law & Politics 2007
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Date: Class 11, April 24, 2007

Students presenting:

  • Renat Lumpau
  • Michael Broukhim
  • Drew Bennett
  • Jon Bashford
  • Amanda Devereux
  • Adam Katz

The Question

"Resolved: The outcome of the digital intellectual property crisis is crucial to whether or not the use of the Internet ultimately has a positive impact in terms of strengthening democracies."

Topic: The Free Culture Movement

The connection between the politics of the Internet and politics on the Internet might lie in the movements – the human networks – that are fueled by digital culture. The non-profit Creative Commons, with its forty-some international organizations around the world, has established one such network; Global Voices represents another. A new movement, called Free Culture, is growing up close to home, on Harvard’s campus, among others. Is cyber-activism the new environmentalism?

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Post-Class Poll

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Argument In Support of the Resolution

Argument Against the Resolution