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  • So, while my name is currently associated w/ Privacy as a topic, it looks like there are lots of other parties interested in presenting it as well. Therefore, I'm going to assume there's a class or two of topics there without my input, and stray from the safety of numbers to make a pitch for a less popular topic: Internet and Nat'l Security/Crime issues such as 1) How to encourage the development of safer code, 2) What the proper role for government is in regulating private-sector network security (This is a particularly difficult problem that I spent some of this summer discussing in the Senate), 3) How to develop a fail-resistant Internet or a fail-resistant Internet user population, and so on. Anyone interested in taking something along these lines on? -- Joshua

Teaming up?

Hey Joshua,

I saw that you'd removed your name from the privacy topics in favor of the ones on security. I now find myself fully abandoned on privacy, but I've also put my name down as a "maybe" under a few of the security headers. Are you interested in teaming up on either privacy or security? Drop me an email if you'd like dray@jd10 Dan Ray 20:15, 5 December 2008 (EST)