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Before class

  • Have you confirmed your guest list? (As early as possible)
  • Have you settled arrangements with your guests, such as when and where they will arrive, who will meet them, how they will find the room, what they will be doing with the session, whether they will stay for dinner, and so forth? (As early as possible)
  • Do you have a room reserved if it will not be Hauser 105 (useful if you've chosen an audience beyond that of the class)? (2 weeks advance notice required; arrange with Moira)
  • Do you know what discussion techniques and formats you will be using during class, and is how to use them documented on your wiki page? Have you sent out the relevant prepwork to your classmates so that they can come in ready? (1 week in advance)
  • Do you know what technologies you will be using? Have you tested them, and is how to use them documented on your wiki page? Have you sent out the relevant installation/training links to your classmates so that they can come in ready? (1 week in advance; IT needs at least 48 business hours notice for AV requests)
  • Do you have your readings worked out and documented, with links, on your wiki page? Have you sent your classmates an announcement/reminder of your finalized readings? (1 week in advance)
  • Do you have a precis/briefing summary of your topic up on the wiki, emphasizing the intellectual trajectory of your topic -- what is deemed settled and what questions are thought open? Have you sent a link to this to your classmates? (1 week in advance)
  • Do you have a time allocation (how much you plan on spending on each activity and who will lead it) for the 2 hours of class you will be running? Is this posted on your wiki? (1 day in advance)

During class

  • Has your A/V equipment been hooked up at least 10 minutes before class start?
  • Do you have an IM backchannel to the IIF team (or at least JZ's AIM/Gtalk) prearranged and open?
  • Is someone recording/photographing/taking notes of the session?
  • Do you have copies of all handouts/worksheets/materials the class will be working with?
  • Have the tables, chairs, blackboards, etc. been arranged and cleared for the kinds of interactions you want to have?
  • Have you set aside space (and possibly time) for food consumption? Has the food team told you what they'll be bringing?
  • Have you introduced your guests to the class?

After class

  • Have you sent thank-you notes to your guests?
  • Have you checked to make sure that your classmates have finished and posted their deliverables for you so that they are accessible from your wiki page?
  • Have you given your classmates feedback on their deliverables?
  • Have you updated your wiki page with a summary of results?
  • Have you asked the IIF team and an external party for feedback on your updated/summarized wiki page?
  • Have you settled food arrangements for next week's class? You can refer to the dietary restrictions here, young foodwalla.

End of term

Have you finalized the page for your class session so that it could be used by educators and others looking to cover your topic? (This includes integrating into the page any useful materials or ideas generated in the class session itself.)