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Here's where the scheduling happens. No need to claim a day landrush-style; just add in what day your guests have said they're available.

Monday (5-7pm) Presenters' names Topic name Guests (confirmed) Guests (not yet confirmed)
This is a sample line.
9-Feb Ayelet, Aaron Free and Open Source Software Eben Moglen or someone from the Software Freedom Law Center, Mako
16-Feb Graham, Mark Internet and Social Inequity Eszter Hargittai (pending scheduling)
23-Feb Debbie, Shubham, and Matt Old Laws/New Media Prof. Charles Nesson
2-Mar Mel, Elana, Rainer All Together Now For Great Justice Dot Org Ethan Zuckerman
9-Mar Dharmishta Rood & Jon Fildes The Future of News Russ Stanton, Jeff Jarvis
16-Mar Joe & Miriam The Future of (c) & Entertainment Stacey Lynn Schulman Various artists
30-Mar Gwen, Jon, Lee The Internet and Publication Prof. John Palfrey Robert Darnton, Corey Williams, Prue Adler
6-Apr Dan Ray, Joshua Gruenspecht, & Conor Kennedy Anonymity & Privacy Michael Samway or Andrew McLaughlin; Caroline Nolan and/or Colin Maclay; a representative of or expert on Vietnam
13-Apr Andrew Klaber & David Levine The Internet, The Environment and Venture Capital TBD Peter Thiel or other investors
20-Apr Vera Ranieri & Arjun Mehra Internet Governance & Regulation Milton Mueller of the Internet Governance Project
27-Apr Elisabeth Theodore & Matthew Wansley Prediction Markets Justin Wolfers Hal Varian