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Here are a few of the questions raised by the Mobile Identity topic, which we can talk about at the workshop:

  • How can we move user-centric identity forward in the Mobile space?
  • How can we do Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) that meshes with sellers' Customer Relationship Management?
  • How can we both protect and employ our anonymity and privacy?
  • Where should our identity data live, and be put to selective use, at our personal discretion?
  • Is there a business opportunity here for identity brokers, for example?
  • What kinds of new and established businesses will step up to facilitate and take advantage of individual identity-based market activities?
  • What new and improved roles will be played by carriers and equipment makers? How about new independent mobile players?
  • What are the differences between user-centric identity in laptops and less computerlike mobile devices? What will work only in one form and not in another?
  • How will Mobile Identity play in developing countries where mobile phones are far more common than PCs, and SMS is used for secure transactions?
  • What are some of the specialized applications-in health care, for example?
  • How do commercial activities and public policy intersect?
  • How do we mobilize OpenID, Cardspace, Sxip, i-Names, microformats and other user-centric technologies and standards, most of which were developed first for computers? How do we get them to work in real-time — and with each other?
  • How do we embrace and extend the open ends of the equipment makers and carriers?
  • How do we work with (and mash up) solutions for (and with) large web service providers such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon and Microsoft?
  • How do we break out of the alphabet soup and communicate about identity, with clear non-techy stories about benefits/options?

Add any more questions or topics, as you like.

NOTE: When the workshop starts, questions and topics should be expanded in the Notes from the Workshop section.