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June 3, 2001 - Stockholm, Sweden

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Kendall Dawson (Concerned Individual)
Public Elections (ICANN Budget and Finance, 6/3/01 9:29:48 AM, #1293)

Where is the money for Public Elections or Membership At Large in the proposed budget?

Kendall Dawson (Concerned Individual)
Public Forum (Reports of ICANN Board Committees, 6/3/01 9:38:31 AM, #1294)

Today's session is called the "Public Forum". But, if "Q&A/discussion" does not mean public comments than that means there is only 1 hr for "open mic" at the very end!

When do we get to the "Public" portion of this meeting?? How come the Public only gets 1 hour?

(Domain Name Supporting Organization Report, 6/3/01 12:26:15 PM, #1295)


Which is the deadline to complete the report on UDRP process?
How will it be handled to allow contributions from interested parties?

Page Howe ( JoeDomains.com)
Individuals (Domain Name Supporting Organization Report, 6/3/01 12:34:13 PM, #1296)

As a remote attendee and registrant of a domain names, where is the appropriate place for everyday people who own domains names to voice our issues about the policy development of ICanN
Page Howe

Derek Conant (DNSGA)
ccSO (Domain Name Supporting Organization Report, 6/3/01 12:35:59 PM, in-room, #1297)

With regard to the ccSO proposal, a question that may be asked is, is the ccTLD group diverse enough to qualify for its own SO?

If the ccSO proposal is accepted, when will there be a gTLD SO, and/or Registry and Registrar SOs, or a VeriSign SO for that matter?

It seems that a group applying for SO status should be as diverse as the DNSO itself.

Derek Conant
DNSGA President and Chairman

Joop Teernstra (IDNO)
(Domain Name Supporting Organization Report, 6/3/01 12:39:54 PM, #1298)

Joop Teernstra (IDNO)
DNSO constituencies

In Berlin , the ICANN Board refused to consider the petition that was presented for the creation of an Individual Domain Name Holders' constituency.
In Santiago and Yokohama, again, it chose to defer the question.
As a result, this constituency in-spe never got to hear what requirements would need to be fulfilled for the Board to approve it.

Further self-organizing needs to take place.
It has taken place. Now at this point, to progress further, prospective members want to know, if they are not wasting their time.

Can an Individuals Constituency expect to be recognized IN PRINCIPLE?


Roberto Gaetano (GA member)
International or not? (Simultaneous Language Translation, 6/3/01 2:14:47 PM, #1299)

All international organizations I know (I have worked for some, BTW) provide some kind of translation for foreign language.
My question is: is ICANN an international organization, and therefore translation is a must, not a wish, or an US corporation, in which case english is more than sufficient.

UDRP Review (Domain Name Supporting Organization Report, 6/3/01 2:53:27 PM, #1300)


First of all, congratulations for the facilities provided to track ICANN meeting at a remote site.
We are very concerned on the effects of the UDRP Policy and Rules. We believe that an urgent review is needed and the Names Council should speed up its work on this matter to avoid the use of the UDPR Policy and Rules in an abusive manner as well as stopping the increasing number of disputes presented, which are more matters of "better rights" legitimate disputes rather than abusive registration of domain names.
You may wish to access to our full report on this matter, produced after a serious analysis of the Policy and Rules and our own experience at the WIPO case D2000-1748. Report available at http://www.rose.es/udrpenglish or http://www.rose.es/udrpespanol

From Toledo (Spain) at 39 degrees temperature, kind regards

Sotiris Sotiropoulos (Hermes Network, Inc.)
URGENT (Domain Name Supporting Organization Report, 6/3/01 3:48:00 PM, #1301)

Considering the amount of money generated and exchanged within the domain name market, will the ontological status of domain names be legally established in the near future? Are domain names property or not? If so, what kind of property, and whose?

Patrick Corliss (DNSO GA)
Lynn's Paper (Chairman's Welcome, 6/3/01 5:07:59 PM, #1302)

Why should ICANN claim the right to control the unique root? Why not co-operate with other roots? Isn't ICANN just burying its head in the sand by ignoring the other root systems?

Leah Gallegos (AtlanticRoot Network, Inc.)
Unique Root (Chairman's Welcome, 6/3/01 5:25:31 PM, #1304)

You are concerned, you say, that there will be instability on the net, yet ICANN is about to create the first major collision with a pre-existing TLD.

How can this not be a consideration or "out of the scope" of IcANN? Why is ICANN not willing to discuss a "unique virtual root" with the rest of the community? We are certainly willing to invite you to the table.

Serge Bac ( )
(Presentation of Discussion Draft on a Unique Authoritative Root for the DNS, 6/3/01 5:45:19 PM, #1308)

Good day all,
a plain simple question I would be glad the ICANN board can reply to:" Has ICANN any policy about multiple roots?". And if so, how much of the DNSO support is included in such a policy? Was the Lynn's draft paper intended to be an ICANN policy? because at the cery first post on ICANN web site it was not EVEN signed.
Thanks and good work for you all

Kendall Dawson (Concerned Individual)
Clarification from Stuart Lynn (Chairman's Welcome, 6/3/01 5:45:20 PM, #1309)

Policy or discussion draft? The document cannot be both, but as Mr. Lynn has stated during his presentation that his posting reflects ICANN policy, I'd like to know the citation for that ICANN policy.

Izumi Aizu (Asia Network Research)
Support Universal participation to ICANN (Presentation of Discussion Draft on a Unique Authoritative Root for the DNS, 6/3/01 5:51:05 PM, #1310)

Digital Opportunity Taskforce, DOT Force was created at G8 Summit in Okinawa. A joint-taskforce with representatives from Government, private sector and Non-profit from G8 and 9 developing countries plus a number of international organizations.

In its conclusion we agreed with 9-point Action Plan which included Promotion of developing country participation to international forum such as ICANN, and support and Domain Name service infrastructure.

We are hoping this Plan be endorsed by G8 Leaders at coming Genoa Summit.
In response to this Call for Action, we propose to
Formulate a Working Group in cooperation with ICANN to promote participation from developing countries to ICANN Process including provision of Travel Grant for developing country people to participate ICANN meetings and other measures.

We plan to work on and hope to have more functional meeting then.

Izumi Aizu, izumi@anr.org
Adam Peake, ajp@glocom.ac.jp
(as members of DOT Force)

Izumi Aizu (Asia Network Research)
(Chairman's Welcome, 6/3/01 5:54:58 PM, #1311)

NAIS, NGO and Academic ICANN Study Interim Report titled: The Public Policy, Legitimacy and ICANN
is now available online: www.naisproject.org.
We have translated Executive summary into:
French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese
Major contents are:
Conceptual study – why we need public voice at ICANN, who is public, where the legitimacy comes from
Empirical Study – on At Large Election –
We used common format: contextual valuables, analysis, interviews and reflections on lessons learned, made comparative

We will complete the Final Report before Montevideo meeting. It will include specific recommendations on the structure, the role and the representation, including the election, of the At Large membership in the ICANN process.
We like to emphasize that At Large Membership issues should not be considered and confined only within At Large framework. It does relate to the whole decision making dynamics of ICANN and therefore need to be considered as such.

Izumi Aizu (Asia Network Research)
Open MIKE! (Chairman's Welcome, 6/3/01 5:56:13 PM, #1312)

We need 5 minutes, at least, for Open Mike, please!!

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