Suggest a Change to the Archive of
ICANN Montevideo Public Meetings

Berkman Center staff receive numerous questions, suggestions, and inquiries regarding the Scribe's Notes and other archival materials produced during certaion sessions of ICANN meetings. In order to improve understanding of the purpose of the archives as well as the existing mechanisms for making changes to them, we have prepared an extensive FAQ describing the intended role of the meeting archives.

If, after carefully reviewing the FAQ, you believe a change is in order, please use the following form to submit your suggestion. We will consider your suggestion and will make every effort to get back to you promptly.

Your name:
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Type of change:
Location of change: (please use roman numerals to cite a specific location in existing scribe's notes)
Summary of change:
Description of change:
Comments / Explanation:


For additional information, please contact: 
Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School

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