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* vidaluz arista (NIC-NI)
Working standards (Root-Server System Advisory Committee, 9:54:39 AM, #1369)

Are all root server operators working under the same administrative and technical standards?
If so, where can we learn more about these standards?

* Bill Bezzant (InfoSiteServer (Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands))
Registrar Fee Structure (Open Microphone, 10:17:18 AM, #1370)

Greetings ICANN Board,

I am concerned that the new Registrar Fee Schedule is structured such that ICANN realizes substantial new revenue with each new gTLD that ICANN authorizes. With the new fee structure, the growth of ICANN revenue is tied to the number of gTLD's in operation. ICANN can potentially double, triple, and quadruple its revenue by introducing more and more gTLD's.

I believe the motivation for introducing new gTLD's should NOT be for financial gain. I recommend a fee structure with a relatively large Base Fee, and relatively small gTLD Registry Fee's for each gTLD which a Registrar seeks authorization.

Such a fee structure will also ensure that a wide number of registrars are available to register domain names in obscure gTLD's like ".coop" or ".aero".

Thank you for your consideration.

* Adiel AKPLOGAN (CAFEnet (NIC .TG) )
Involvement of developping Country (ENUM, 10:40:04 AM, #1371)

It is apear that Internet is more spread in developping country than any other technology befor. How Enum Commitee or forum (anyother Enum working group) take in consideration Developping country in it implementation? I think a big awarness job have to be done (with ICANN or any other instution help) for our comunity (especialy Local Teleco and regulatory Body)

* Yann Kwok (Mauritius)
Fees for new gTLD (Open Microphone, 10:50:24 AM, #1372)

Following from the comment that Vint Cerf just read (about ICANN making money off introducing new gTLDs):

Sometimes as ccTLD's, we feel that ICANN is pushing us as "side business" since ICANN is making more money off gTLD's - New gTLDs bring significantly more revenue than current ccTLD's.

Can the ICANN board confirm that they are considering ccTLD and gTLD in equal weight ?

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