DNSO Names Council Substantive Real-Time Comments

* Asaad Alnajjar (Millennium Inc.)
Difficulty in Registering Names (ICANN Board Elections, 2:56:00 PM, #1326)

A temporary solution for registering Domains in areas without Credit Card system can be achieved by using PrePaid cards similar to phone cards.

Millennium Inc. has developed this system for Native Names and so far it is a sucess in the Middle East and many people has actually encouraged the process.

Thank you.

* Sotiris Sotiropoulos (Hermes Network Inc.)
DNDEF (Restructuring and review process, 3:47:57 PM, #1327)

With respect to Mr. Stubbs comment(s) on Domain Name Definition during the discussion of domain name registration as a criteria for AtLarge membership: Is there any initiative by any body within or without ICANN to set out a definition of domain names?

* Asaad Alnajjar (Millennium Inc)
ccTLD for commerce (Equitable Allocation of SRS Resources, 4:31:16 PM, #1328)

In my opinion; the ccTLDs should remain under the control of their countries.

Some might advocate that it is means to get income to some countries that has no income.

However, I think it might be more beneficial to start with to allow the development of these said ccTLDs with the condition that the registry and management has to stay within the country in question in order to facilitate future development of the communications infrastructure of these countries and put them on the cyber map.

Thank You.

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