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Pascal Bernhard (cube)
Afilias Sunrise Period (9:32:40 AM, #1318)

What has been done about the registered SLDs which weren't applyint to the rules of the Sunrise period, because no Trademark was existing or the registrant was not the trademark holder?

Bill Bezzant (InfoSiteServer)
.info Sunrise Trademark Fraud (Public Forum, 10:15:58 AM, #1319)

Greetings ICANN DNSO General Assembly,

I am one of many persons participating in the .info "Land Rush" by pre-registering domain names with Afilias-authorized registrars. I and others have expended substantial money and time to pre-register desirable domain names, only to find that almost every desirable non-trademarked name was already registered during the Sunrise period by means of trademark fraud. The majority of country names, major city names, and common commodity or industry terms have been registered using fraudulent trademarks. The estimated number is over 1,000 such fraudulent registrations.

We request that the investment we have already laid-out be recognized and not negated, and that ICANN and Afilias develop an effective plan to erradicate the fraudulent Sunrise registrations and re-run the original "Land Rush" pre-registration database for proper award of those recovered domain names.

Thank you.

Ulrich Cyrus (VIA NET.WORKS Deutschland GmbH)
.info- /.biz-Domains: Chaotic Implementation (Issues, 10:17:00 AM, #1320)

I was listen to both speakers of Afilias and Neulevel and was wondering how perfectly
the planned phases were performed.
From our point, the introduction of these 2 domains was chaotic, appeared half-planned and
we are utterly angry about it.
Even last week we got the information, that another change for the application period had been made.
(We register using registrar CORE). We feel, that the registries did try to perform the Implementation
of their new TLDs much to fast.

For future Introductions of new TLDs I would propose, that the phases does not have such a complex
structure like the IP-Claims (.biz) and that the time periods are somewhat longer an not that short after
signing the ICANN-contracts.

And please: do not change timelines that often.

Thank you very much an please excuse my bad english.

Ulrich Cyrus
BTW: The Videostreams tend to be overloaded, I had several interruptions and it is difficult to
connect some of your pages at the moment.

Roland Portig
number of directors (Public Forum, 10:20:09 AM, #1321)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
at this time we see a recession in Asia, Europe and America. This recession is not only provided to the old economy but also to internet and new medias related branches. This recession in IT branch had not to take place neccressarily. But in the past the providers of the infrastructure of the web were not sufficiently listening to the small users. They only looked on the side of producers, administration and the big boys. So they strangulated the great lot of small users. Now we have a process of concentration on the it branch. And I fear that the needs of small users will not be paid enough attention. Therefore I propose that the board of directors must have an equivalent number of members of these users.

andy duff (new.net)
alsc report (Public Forum, 11:08:20 AM, #1322)

New.net applauds the time and effort put into both the ALSC and the NAIS report. We see both reports as positive contributions to the growing demands for greater representation of the interests of both individuals and small businesses within ICANN.

The current constituency structure does not adequately represent the interests of individuals and small businesses using the internet and the Domain Name System.

We support a 9/9 board split and membership requirements which are not limited to domain name holders, though we appreciate that the proposal for this limit in the membership has been suggested for practical reasons.

We urge the General Assembly and the Board to continue to build a bottom-up consensus for greater involvement of small businesses within ICANN, as we believe that the lack of involvement of individuals and small businesses in the ICANN process presents a significant threat to ICANN's legitimacy among all users of the internet.

Leah Gallegos (Voting member, GA)
To all Candidates (Session with DNSO Board Candidates, 12:20:23 PM, #1323)

How will you deal with the ALSC/NAIS reports that call for a reduction in the number of board seats when they bylaws, promises, MOU and statements by ICANN in the past have guaranteed that there will be nine at-large board seats or half the board?

Also, what is your intention regarding DNSO reform and inclusion of the IDNHC? Do you agree that if the cc's form their own SO, those three NC seats could go to the IC?

Roland Portig
Ezula, TopText. (Public Forum, 1:10:14 PM, #1324)

In European medias and in discussion boards all over the web there is a discussion at that time on software bundles where toptext or similar software is offered on the web. As you know this software is about to change the websites of the webmasters. The links usually lead to gambling sites or site with adult and criminal content. With Ezual Toptext it is possible for everybody - also children - to get access to porno material and "snuff videos". Snuff videos are videos where a real person is baddly tortured - most of them are women - and at the end this person is really killed. I find that this trend is leading the web directly to the mob and the Mafia. This sort of "advertising" on the web takes also the base of income of millions of webmasters earning litle money in affiliate programs. What is ICANN willing to do to bann those practices and fight for clean internet and Human Rights.

Pascal Bernhard (cube)
Get in touch with communities (Session with DNSO Board Candidates, 1:13:11 PM, #1325)

Dear Candidates,

does anybody among you have strategies and/or policies to get and keep in touch with the communities. Are there any plans to make the communities involved in Internet governance broader and get the whole process more democratic?

Thank you.

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