ICANN Public Meetings
Remote Participation and Archives
March 9-13, 2001 - Melbourne, Australia

Archives Available

Agenda Summary. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will hold a public meeting on March 10 through 13, 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. Webcast sessions include meetings of the DNSO General Assembly and Names Council on Mach 11, the ICANN Public Forum (March 12); and a meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors (March 13).

When does it start? Meetings will generally begin at 9:00AM local time each morning. Check http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ for information about time zone differences. (For reference, Worldclock reports that March 12 at 9:00AM in Melbourne time is 5:00PM US Eastern time on the day before and is 10PM UTC on the day before.) See ICANN's meeting schedule for times and durations of specific sessions.

Where To Go For More Information. ICANN has prepared an agenda including logistical information about meeting locations and nearby hotels.

Preregistration. If you plan to be at the meetings either in person or online via webcast and remote participation, please preregister. Doing so will help meeting organizers gauge likely attendance, and will provide you with a printed nametag.

Openness and Archival. The meetings listed above will be open to all interested parties. The comments and questions of remote participants will be read to the assembled group and archived online. The archive will also include a video recording of all plenary sessions, an archive of presentations delivered, and comprehensive scribe's notes of certain plenary sessions.

Remote Participation Over The Internet

Viewing and Hearing the Meeetings. We will offer a live real-time audio and video feed from the public meetings listed above. In addition, we will post the meeting scribe's notes in real time.

Participating in the Meetings. Online participants will be able to submit text comments in real-time. Questions and comments submitted over the Internet will be sent to technical staff present in the meeting room. Those real-time messages relevant to the topic currently being discussed will be processed by the moderator who will select certain messages for presentation to the assembled group for a response similar to that provided to a concern raised at a microphone in a Q&A session. All messages will be archived on this site.

Technical requirements. A 14.4 Kbps connection is required for access to live and archived streaming media feeds (56K or faster preferred). Access to the streaming media feeds requires the RealPlayer version 5.0 or later (version G2 or later preferred) or the Microsoft Windows Media Player; get your free copy from RealNetworks or Microsoft. Access to the real-time chat area requires a JAVA-enabled browser or an IRC client. Access to some portions of the remote participation system may be difficult or impossible for users behind firewalls. Some features of the remote participation system require Javascript and/or cookie support.

How do I get connected on the day of the meeting? Shortly before each event made available by webcast, a prominent link will be added to the top of this page. Check back here just before the start of each meeting, then follow that link.

Pre-meeting comments. Before the meeting, you may submit comments to ICANN via the ICANN Public Comment Forum.

Questions? Send questions or comments about remote participation to Ben Edelman.


Thanks to webcast sponsors Melbourne IT for assistance with server hosting, and to RealNetworks for server licenses. Thanks also to other local sponsors.


For additional information, please contact:

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society  
Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School
+1 (617) 495-7547 

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