ICANN Community Meeting on Security and Stability of the Internet Naming and Address Allocation Systems
November 14, 2001
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Miraj Khaled (Intech Online Ltd.)
Coalition for Information Security (Plenary Talk: Tritak, 9:34:27 AM, #1383)

Mr. Tritak,

If there is now a "War on Terrorism". shouldn't U.S. govt. also think about a global capmpaign against cyberterrorism? Because most critical national infrastructures can be infiltrated from outside national borders. And world business is now so interglobal that a breakdown of internet Infrastrucures in Asia may well affect various businesses worldwide.So a global concerted Inter-Governmental Campaign in cooperation with industry, security experts and organizations is urgently needed to minimize the risk/occurence of Information Security breaches. U.S. can take a leading role in organizing this Supranational coalition for Information Security, as they now are doing to tackle Conventional Terrorism.

Thank You.

Sheer El-Showk (Saraf)
(Plenary Talk: Schneier, 9:46:44 AM, #1384)

To Bruce Schneier:

When you talk about active defensive measures don't you think there is a lot that can be done at a static level before worrying about dynamic defence (which seems a little vague to me). I'm referring to disabling such things as such as auto-executing programs (in the MS world) and running services in chroot jails. I think most companies have let firewalls and commercial security products to lull them into ignoring simple securit practices like good passwords. Do you agree that most security problems are probably due to lack of applying good security policies rather than a flaw in those policies themselves.

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