Remote Participation Statistics
ICANN-Cairo Public Meetings
Cairo, Egypt - March 7-10, 2000

The following statistics were calculated for informal evaluation of the Cairo remote participation efforts.

  • 417 distinct non-anonymous people logged on to the remote participation sites, including 202 on the 8th, 152 on the 9th, and 63 on the 10th, with significant overlap between days. Approximately 331 people bypassed the registration system via links from various external sites and email messages or accessed the system without providing contact information.

  • 3839 views of the ICANN-Cairo Remote Participation page ( in 1908 user-sessions in the one-week Sunday-to-Saturday period surrounding the meetings. 1463 views in 758 user-sessions of the Live Webcast page while the meetings were in progress. (But surely many repeats by same person on different days, therefore counted as different user-sessions.)

  • In the one-week period surrounding themeeting, 516 users reached the ICANN-Cairo Remote Participation and Preregistration pages via links from ICANN's site (at

  • All RealAudio and RealVideo servers below capacity at all times. 325 user-sessions accessing the primary video feed and 236 accessing the backup, plus another 75 user-sessions accessing the primary and backup audio feeds and about 100 user-sessions accessing the new dual-frame augmented video + scribe's notes feed.

  • From the 7th to 21st, the Archive main page received ? hits from ? distinct user-sessions. In that time, ? distinct user-sessions watched RealVideo archives of one or more of the Cairo meetings, averaging requests for about ? distinct video segments per user-session.

  • 64 remote comments were received throughout the three days of meetings. Of those, sixteen were presented (all read in their entirety and attributed)

  • Unlike prior ICANN Public Meetings with remote participation, Cairo remote participants came as much from outside North America as within it; 164 remote participants self-identified as North Americans, while 130 said they were European (compared to only ~30 for Santiago and LA webcasts) and 74 reported South American, Asian, African, or Australian origin. Most notable were dramatic increases, of about an order of magnitude, in African and Australian participation (15 and 18 users, respectively). See for details. Note that this data strongly suggests that meeting location has a significant effect on the origin of remote participants, most likely due to time zone effects.

  • The Real-Time Chat Area was again helpful in quickly resolving minor technical glitches as they arose. Behavior in the Area was generally acceptable, and no formal warnings were issued. Complete logs (~250KB) are available from

  • A total of 514 people preregistered to attend the meetings, including 433 planning to attend in person and 119 interested in participating online. (Some overlap -- it was possible to indicate interest in receiving relevant announcements for both physical and remote participation.) Announcement messages about webcast times and details and about archive availability were sent to all preregistrants in addition to all actual remote participants.


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Ben Edelman
Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School 

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