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Mark Measday (Josmarian Group)
Working groups (Report from Working Groups, 3/8/00 3:28:07 PM, #740)

(on behalf of G.Brady Ltd)

Is there any formal non-disclosure requirement for Names Council and working group members and others
privy to wg and ga work in advance?

Should there be?


Robert Connelly (PSI-Japan, Inc.)
Financial committment to become Accredited Member (Budget Report, 3/8/00 2:33:49 PM, #739)

Dear Colleagues: Is there any reason that a membership fee could not be made a condition for obtaining ICANN Accreditation as a Registrar?

Seems like such an obvious option. But oftentimes, there are reasons that the obvious is not acceptable.

I've been trying to just get some of the Asian Accredited Registrars to just join the Constituency.


Robert Connelly (PSI-Japan, Inc.)
Getting more ICANN Accredited Registrars to join (Budget Report, 3/8/00 2:26:03 PM, #738)

In tems of the budget, we have a problem getting many of the ICANN Accredited Registrars to join the consitituency.

It is an unfortunate circumstance. Regards, BobC

eileen kent
(Names Council Chair Report, 3/8/00 2:08:11 PM, #737)

I left the g.a. because of the "noise to signal" problem. I filtered out the worst offenders but the discussion was dominated by them. I was, unfortunately, somewhat intimidated by personal attacks and slander that others experienced.

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