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Joe Baptista (PCCF)
What happens if? (GAC Public Forum, 3/8/00 6:37:12 PM, #743)

What happens if the world get's fed up with ICANN and switches it's root servers to an ICANN competitor?

Mark Measday (Josmarian Group)
GAC attendees (GAC Public Forum, 3/8/00 6:04:22 PM, #742)

Could the 29 GAC attendees be enumerated at the appropriate time
(should this question not be asked from the floor)?

Could the absentees be listed?

Is 29 a quorum of world governments?

Kenneth Vestergaard
Cost, etc. (GAC Public Forum, 3/8/00 1:05:32 PM, #733)

How soon is it possible to introduce the new domain names, and what will the cost be (registration, annual fee)?

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