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Joop Teernstra (idno)
GA -full (Main Issues, 3/8/00 11:17:52 AM, #732)

The market for the unmonitored list is small, because it is in competition with the ifwp and such open lists

Joop Teernstra (idno)
GA vs. NC (Main Issues, 3/8/00 11:12:56 AM, #730)

Thank you Roberto, but your personal commitment to bring issues to the NC needs to be translated into some more permanent structure. You may not be there for long. The issues of today may be different from those of tomorrow.

Joop Teernstra (idno)
GA vs. NC (Main Issues, 3/8/00 10:55:38 AM, #729)

The key problem is that not all stakeholders in the DNS are adequately represented.
Therefore, either the constituency structure must be enlarged, or the GA must be given decisionmaking powers.

(Main Issues, 3/8/00 10:40:56 AM, #727)

Hi all,

I'm from Madagascar and we're planning to create an ISOC Chapter for Madagascar which aim is to promote the use of Internet as a tool for work.

How will ICANN or ISOC interact with these chapters?

Is there some actions held by these association to help developping countries (like Madagascar) participate to the development (and the use) of Internet.

Thank you for your attention and hope we'll have some answers to these questions.


kent crispin
membership and voting (Main Issues, 3/8/00 10:21:15 AM, #726)

I think the IETF forms a very good model for the GA; the IETF does not vote, and does not
have this problem of defining membership.

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