Additional DNSO General Assembly Real-Time Comments, 3/8/00

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(Status Report, 3/8/00 11:16:28 AM, #731)

A report of online participation effectiveness will be helpful. As an online participant without audio/video i think there's not enough description of what's going on so online participants don't know what to say and how to participate to the conference.

Hery Zo

Robert Connelly (PSI-Japan, Inc.)
Viewing the postings of others. (Planning, 3/8/00 10:13:46 AM, #725)

Dear Colleagues: Is there a way to view the postings made by others? Regards, BobC

Kent Crispin
sound/video (Status Report, 3/8/00 9:35:11 AM, #724)

I'm getting the notes of the real time scribe in real time, but a static video and no sound

Harald Alvestrand (EDB Maxware)
Hello from the alternate chair (Status Report, 3/8/00 8:59:48 AM, #723)

Just wanted you to know that I'm here and trying to watch. Sorry I could not be with you.

Ben Edelman (Berkman Center)
Comment Testing (Choice 1, 3/8/00 7:18:28 AM, #722)

Tuesday morning fourth

Ben Edelman (Berkman Center)
Comment Testing (Choice 1, 3/8/00 7:18:24 AM, #721)

Tuesday morning third

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