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Ideas for a Better Internet (i4bi)

About i4bi

This joint Harvard/Stanford interdisciplinary seminar will continue a year-long arc of developing and building ideas for a better internet. During the fall, students will incorporate ideas identified by a public call for proposals from the previous spring, and work through the process of building out these ideas. The course will meet on alternate Mondays in the fall term.

By the end of the fall session, students will have proposed a tangible means of implementing at least one idea and will have made significant progress on conceptualizing and building at least one solution. Students will interact with entrepreneurs, organizations, and policy makers with a significant stake in shaping the future of digital technology and the Internet to solicit advice, guidance, and feedback.

During the winter term students will finalize the projects that they have developed throughout the fall semester, engage in visits to companies and organizations, and prepare a working demo or proposal to be presented at a culminating event with leaders of Silicon Valley and beyond.

By the end of the course, students will have launched their solution-based projects to the world in conjunction with those proposing the ideas.

The Ideas

Harvard-based Ideas

Mirror As You Link

Mesh Network


Web Citizenship

Stanford-based Ideas

Future of Education

Distributed Social Networking

Moby Dick Project

Privacy Icons

Browser Privacy Design