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  • The goal of the Societies and Open Access Research (SOAR) project is to maintain a comprehensive catalog of full (non-hybrid) OA journals published by scholarly societies. For this purpose, a society's relationship to its OA journals might be that of owner, publisher, or partner with the publisher.
  • Peter Suber and Caroline Sutton started the project in 2007, before the launch of HOAP. But Peter Suber's participation became part of HOAP in 2011, as did Amanda Page's in 2013. However, HOAP itself is only one contributor, and Caroline Sutton continues as a project principal.


  • Editions of the catalog, and accompanying articles
    • Caroline Sutton and Peter Suber released the first edition of the catalog in September 2007. At that time, the catalog was a downloadable Excel spreadsheet under a CC-BY license.
    • Caroline and Peter released the second edition on December 2, 2011. This edition launched the Google spreadsheet still in use for the third and current edition.
    • The second edition was open to public edits, and continuously updated. For those reasons, we didn't plan to release a third edition. But we did so in September 2013 in order to add Amanda Page as a co-author and recognize her work enlarging and improving the catalog.
    • The first edition of the catalog listed both full and hybrid OA journals. But the second and third editions list only full (non-hybrid) OA journals.
    • Amanda Page created a series of maps, released on October 21, 2013, to show the locations of the societies publishing OA journals.

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