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Here are some topics under discussion. In some cases, we're still working out our recommendations. In some cases, good practices are hard to identify or yet to emerge.

  • How should universities assure OA for approved theses and dissertations?
    • Until the guide adds entries on theses and dissertations, see Recommendation 1.2 of the ten-year anniversary statement of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (September 2012): "Every institution of higher education offering advanced degrees should have a policy assuring that future theses and dissertations are deposited upon acceptance in the institution's OA repository. At the request of students who want to publish their work, or seek a patent on a patentable discovery, policies should grant reasonable delays rather than permanent exemptions." Also see Peter Suber, Open access to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs), SPARC Open Access Newsletter, July 2, 2006.


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