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  • The most current and authoritative version of the guide is this wiki edition, <bit.ly/goodoa>. We launched it in October 2012 and update it regularly.
  • For those who preferred other formats, we formerly published print and PDF editions.
    • We released the first print and PDF editions in October 2013, and the second print and PDF editions in October 2015.
    • The 2013 editions used the text as it stood on September 26, 2013, after roughly one year of evolution on the wiki. The 2015 editions used the text as it stood on September 7, 2015, after roughly three years of evolution on the wiki.
    • Unlike the wiki edition, the print and PDF editions used continuous pagination. Like the wiki edition, they stood under CC-BY licenses. Like the wiki edition, the PDF editions had active links in the text. The print editions used endnotes and URLs where the other two editions used active links. To support those who wanted to print the PDF, the PDF editions included the same endnotes as the print editions.
    • Print editions from 2013 and 2015 are no longer available.
    • We no longer publicize the URLs of the 2013 and 2015 PDF editions. Those editions are out of date, and we discourage their use and citation. (Some users preferred to cite them, apparently because they were PDFs, rather than cite the more current and authoritative wiki edition.)
    • We don't plan to publish print or PDF editions in the future. We could only encourage their use for a short time before they fell out of date.
  • If you wish to cite the guide, please cite this dynamic, continually-updated wiki edition.
    • For formal citation purposes, the long URL may be better than the short URL. However, for informal purposes, for example, in emails, blog posts, or tweets, the short URL may be better.
    • Long URL = https://cyber.harvard.edu/hoap/Good_practices_for_university_open-access_policies
    • Short URL = http://bit.ly/goodoa
    • If you wish to cite the guide, or any section of it, as it stood on a certain date, you can create a perma.cc link to the right page on the right date. But please don't leave the impression that the guide stopped evolving on that date. Also note that perma.cc will capture the content of the targeted page on that date, but not the content on the pages to which that page may link.