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More tagging

  • More prospective tagging (of new developments)...
    • More people participating...
    • More people specifically looking for new developments in certain fields, countries, or languages...
  • More retroactive tagging (of older developments)...
    • More sporadic retroactive tagging, as taggers encounter relevant older items...
    • More systematic efforts to make given tags retroactively comprehensive...

Better tagging

  • More use of summaries or descriptions...

Integration with OAD

  • We're working toward two sorts of integration with the Open Access Directory:
    • Retroactively tagging OAD resources with relevant OATP tags
    • Prospectively adding newly tagged OATP items to relevant OAD lists


  • We already support boolean searching of all tag records. One day we hope to add boolean searching of the pages tagged by project tags.

Volunteers wanted

  • Scan the list of improvements we have in mind (above), and consider some of the specific jobs (below). If you're interested in helping out with any of them, please contact Peter Suber.
  • Making new project mashups
    • We need to give bloggers and webmasters more widget choices for displaying the latest items in the project feeds. We need widgets that webmasters can adapt to suit their blogs, using the titles, fonts, and color schemes of their choice.
  • Retroactive tagging
    • Help us add relevant items to the database that were not already tagged. Help us make our project tags retroactively comprehensive (covering all relevant past work).
      • If you're doing a research project on an OA-related topic (for example, OA journals in Brazil), then as you find relevant items, tag them with all relevant subtopic tags, e.g. oa.journals, oa.gold, oa.brazil, oa.south_america, oa.portuguese and so on. Just remember to omit oa.new for items more than six months old.
      • If your organization has some OA-related projects, resources, or services, or if you've written works on OA, then make sure that each one is tagged for OATP. Again, use all relevant subtopic tags, and for works more than six months old, omit oa.new.
  • Richer tagging
    • Help us add relevant missing tags to items already tagged.
      • If the page on a particular OA project or resource is important to you, try tagging it for OATP. If it's already tagged, the existing tags will show up in the tagging bookmarklet. See whether any important tags are missing. If so, just add them right there in the bookmarklet form.. (You can do the same work from inside TagTeam, but using the bookmarklet form will be easiest for most users.)