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This list starts with version One day we may go back and add details on earlier versions. It focuses on major new features. It omits minor features, and only includes bug fixes when they are notable.


(August 20, 2018) (Also see the announcement of this version, August 28, 2018.)

  • There is now a Statistics tab giving an overview of activity on the hub. It's visible even to non-members of the hub.
  • The "Bookmarks" tab is now called the "Taggers" tab.
  • In the Taggers tab, the list of taggers can be sorted by username, date started, most recent tagging, and number of items tagged.
  • In the Taggers tab, users could always hide or display data on individual taggers (showing when they last tagged and how many items they've tagged). They may now toggle hide/display for the entire list.
  • Users may now edit the title, description, and URL of item records, not just the tags.
  • When users click on a tag, there was always a pop-up menu offering options, and the options were context-sensitive. Now the menu offers more options in more contexts.
  • Users may now use tagger usernames (along with tags and keywords) in boolean searches.
  • When viewing tag libraries, users were formerly limited to viewing 25 items per page. They may now choose to see 25, 50, and 100 items per page.
  • Email notifications to taggers now include changes made by hub-wide filters, not just changes made by human taggers.
  • Email notifications to taggers now take hub-wide filters into account. If you tag an item, and a subsequent tagger adds TagA, and a hub-wide filter converts TagA to TagB, then your email notification will tell you that someone added TagB (not TagA) to that item.
  • When users add a tag to a record that already had that tag, the original tagger will not receive an email notification about the addition. (And of course, TagTeam will only record one instance of the tag.)
  • In all lists of items, users can sort by date tagged or date published, and in ascending or descending order. The default for each list is to sort by date tagged in descending order (most recent first). This applies to the master list of items tagged in a hub, the list of items with a given tag, the list of items returned by a search, and the list of items tagged by a given tagger. In addition, tag records now show both date tagged (old) and date published (new).
  • TagTeam now supports hub-wide supplement tag filters, above and beyond the pre-existing set of add, modify, and delete tag filters. The new filters supplement a given tag (for example, mexico) with another tag (latin_america) throughout the hub, prospectively and retroactively.
  • TagTeam now strips unnecessary parameters from item URLs, maximizing that odds that items with the same basic URL will be recognized as duplicates. This will maximize the power of TagTeam's dedupe algorithm, and minimize the odds that users will re-tag items already tagged.
  • In hubs using a standard tag prefixes (the way OATP uses "oa." as a standard tag prefix), TagTeam will now automatically correct prefix+comma with prefix+period.
  • When taggers tag an item by mistake, they may now remove it from the hub. Hub owners may also remove any item in the hub.
  • When hub owners try delete a whole hub, they will receive an "Are you sure?" query first.
  • Hub owners may now make any character (such as the space) a tag delimiter. They may have more than one tag delimiter (for example, both the comma and the space). The comma remains the default tag delimiter, and cannot be removed from the set of tag delimiters.
  • Users who create a hub subscription to an input feed from an external source may now unsubscribe the hub from those feeds. Hub owners may also unsubscribe the hub from any input feeds.
  • There are now more options in the Settings tab for hub owners. Among them: to change the tag delimiters; to change the tag prefix (if any); to list hub-approved tags and decide whether to limit tag suggestions to those approved tags; to remind taggers to add a description when they leave the description field empty; to create a publicly visible "scoreboard" of the most productive taggers and most common tags; and to make it optional or non-optional for taggers to receive email notifications when their items are modified by later taggers.
  • Several operations that were slow are now faster, for example, displaying the list of tag suggestions, displaying the effects of filters, and changing the sort order on a list.


(May 18, 2018)

  • The master list of Users now supports sorting on usernames and other user properties.
  • In lists of tagged items, the green "+" icon (to add new tags) appears next to all items, not just some.
  • The email notification option moved from the "Team" tab to the "Settings" tab.
  • Hub owners have a new setting to prevent taggers from opting out of email notifications when hub members update their tag records.
  • Hub owners may now choose any other character (such as a space) to be a tag delimiter, along with the comma.
  • Hub owners may now designate "approved tags" and limit the tag-suggestion list to approved tags.
  • Hub owners now have a Messaging tab for sending email messages to all or some members of the hub.
  • There is a new Statistics tab visible to authorized hub members.
  • Administrators now have a more useful and intuitive interface.


(October 20, 2017)

  • We clarified the text on the email notification sent to taggers when their tag records have been changed.
  • TagTeam now displays subscriber counts for its RSS, Atom, and JSON tag feeds.
  • The "About" page now links to the TagTeam home page.
  • The "Tags" tab now displays summary statistics at the top of the page.
  • What used to be called the "Community" tab is now called the "Team" tab.
  • Authorized users may now change and delete tags from the bookmarklet, without entering the rest of the program. (They could always add tags from the bookmarklet.)
  • Hub owners may now choose to use the space as a tag delimiter, rather than the default comma.


(February 28, 2017)

  • Authorized users may not revise or update URLs in tag records.
  • More views or displays now give authorized taggers the option to modify or delete existing tags.
  • TagTeam can now create a feed of all the items tagged by a given user, and a feed of all the items in which a given user applied a given tag.
  • The Bookmarks tab gives better information on the listed members of the hub.
  • TagTeam no longer lets undated or misdated items hog the top spot in a list of items sorted by date of tagging.
  • TagTeam now records the date an item was published, not just the date it was tagged.


(February 21, 2017)

  • The "Community" tab now displays the number of users authorized to tag for the hub.
  • TagTeam automatically approves new users with email addresses from .edu domains. Others are asked to describe the academic or research project they have in mind.
  • Taggers got the option to receive email notifications when other taggers updated or modified their tag records.
  • Hub owners now have a more intuitive interface for granting privileges to new members of their hub.
  • Account creation is now conditional on approving Terms of Service.