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<!-- * [[Transition to TagTeam]] -->  
<!-- * [[Transition to TagTeam]] -->  

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  • This is the home page of the Open Access Tracking Project (OATP).
  • Suggested short URL for this page = bit.ly/o-a-t-p
  • OATP uses social tagging to capture new developments on open access to research. Its mission is (1) to offer a real-time alert service for OA-related news and comment, and (2) to organize knowledge of the field by tag or subtopic. The project publishes a primary feed of new OA developments, and hundreds of secondary feeds on OA subtopics, one for every project tag.
  • OATP runs on TagTeam, open-source software specifically written for OATP and now available for social-tagging projects on any topic. TagTeam stores all OATP tag records for deduping, export, preservation, modification, and searching.