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From Hewlett Grantees Meeting 2012
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  • The largest, and most actively edited, collection of Open Educational Resources ever created
  • The most widely read general information resources ever published
  • Weak on coverage of OER and open education


Pete Forsyth and Dr. Robert Cummings are working on a project that will engage numerous members of the OER movement, broadly defined, in taking a proactive approach to improving relevant Wikipedia content. The Hewlett grantees meeting marks the launch of the project.

Proposed session

Pete will provide an introduction to Wikipedia editing, and the guidelines and best practices around working on content closely related to one's work. We will also look at the various OER-related Wikipedia articles (including Open educational resources, Open textbook, Open access, etc.) and the related edit histories and discussions. We will explore the WikiProject model for coordinated collaboration.

Our main goal will be to identify the most important priorities for article improvement. This may include starting a new WikiProject, or reaching out to existing WikiProjects; and we will have plenty of opportunity to work on Wikipedia content together, and learn from/with one another, as well.