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We'd love to use the new json API built into TagTeam to create a mobile interface via jQuery mobile. You can get lists of objects via Rails built-in content negotiation features, and then it's very simple to iterate through the parsed json to create the UI. Example JSON requests:

Most of the TagTeam objects and lists emit themselves as json and XML, and many emit RSS and Atom additionally. This should make it quite easy to create ajax requests within the application to link together parts of a mobile UI. At this point we're not interested in authentication or administration, this would essentially be a read-only app.

The benefits of jQuery mobile are that we'd have an app that'd work for iOS and Android, and we could possibly distribute it directly with TagTeam. You'd automatically get a sweet mobile interface when you install TagTeam in your Rails hosting environment.

Secondarily, we'd be interested in publishing an Android and iOS version of this app - but only after we've created a solid, no-installation mobile interface.