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TagTeam is a versatile, open-source social-tagging platform and feed aggregator. It's like a supercharged cross between Delicious and Google Reader, specifically designed to support tag-based research projects.

TagTeam research projects are called hubs. A hub can support tagging of any online resources. It can subscribe to RSS feeds from any source, including other tagging platforms. It can publish its own RSS feeds, one for each tag, one for any boolean combination of tags, one for each search, and one for any combination of other TagTeam feeds. All records in TagTeam created by tagging or by subscribing to external feeds are stored locally for deduping, back-up, export, modification, and searching. Finally, if they wish, TagTeam hub owners may modify any tags in their hub, retroactively and prospectively, in order make a controlled transition from a folksonomy of user-defined tags to a standard vocabulary or ontology.

More info: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/hoap/Intro_to_TagTeam, http://tagteam.harvard.edu/

Github repo: https://github.com/berkmancenter/tagteam/

Ideal candidate criteria

TagTeam is interested in candidates with experience in Ruby on Rails, Apache Solr, and Bootstrap 3. For this project, we're looking for a creative programmer to implement new TagTeam features and improve its power and usability. We have a considerable list of high, medium, and low priority enhancements in mind. While we'd naturally like to check off the high-priority features first, we'd encourage our GSoC intern to look at the full list and pick out feature ideas that meet his/her interests, and help give them shape and life, regardless where those ideas stand on our priority list. We'd also encourage our GSoC intern to play with TagTeam and come up with new enhancement ideas, especially ideas that might be implemented in the same summer.

Example sub-projects include:

  • Fine-tuning the search syntax
  • Adding a statistics package on usage data
  • Modifying the front end to support user authentication
  • Improving TagTeam's speed and stability