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Not-a-Number is actively being used to administer surveys, experiments, and qualitative content analysis tasks as “scripts” through an online interface. Scripts can be stand alone or can be run against objects such as a website URL, image or embedded video. The application has a registration system to authenticate users or can accept non-authenticated users through an interface with Amazon Mechanical Turk. Distinct from existing survey or experiment software, Not-a-Number facilitates randomized task-object assignment and integrates seamlessly with Amazon Mechanical Turk. The questions, stylesheet information, and data are all stored in a relational database and can then be exported in multiple formats for subsequent analysis, reproduction, or review. Not-a-Number has been under development since Fall, 2008, and can already handle a wide range of research tasks. At present, members of the Law Lab are using it to conduct an experiment on worker motivations in a online crowdsourcing labor market.

The two areas we are looking for some work to be done on are:

  • Embedding Java and/or Flash applets into application
  • Converting existing parts of GUI to jQuery

Not-a-Number is built in Ruby on Rails.