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MetaLAB (at) Harvard is a research collaborative exploring the use and impact of technology in the arts and humanities. Our projects include (but are not limited to) database-driven interactive documentary, visualization and analysis of large-scale textual corpora, and the curation of digital and physical media through web-based and mobile applications.

Over the course of the summer, metaLAB projects will involve database integration, analysis of large-scale textual corpora, mobile-app wireframing, rapid prototyping of educational applications of Kinects in 3D modeling, and outreach using public-facing web applications.


  • HTML and CSS
  • Ruby, Perl, Javascript
  • Interest in or facility with hacking and creative use of Kinects, Wii controllers, and other peripherals
  • Interest in physical computing, especially the Arduino platform
  • Familiarity developing projects accessing data through public APIs


General Questions: