Check-in Check-out Asset Tracker

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We are looking for a student to continue working on the existing code base and to see about refining some of the following features:

  • Automated email messages triggered by conditions related to the asset.
  • Reporting tools including general audits of all assets and conditional audits of assets.
  • Control model for users vs. admins in the system
  • A refinement of the reservation system to include or build on the following features.
    • More granular control of a reservation's time beyond just a date range.
    • The ability to set up recurring reservations
    • Reservation report pages for users and admins
  • More optimization of the GUI

Skills we are looking for to help complete this project:

  • A solid working knowledge of MySQL databases
  • A solid understanding of the Ruby-on-Rails framework
  • A working knowledge of Redmine's internals
  • Understanding of web based security best practices


General Questions: