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This page is for an old project that is not be part of Google Summer of Code currently. If you are a student looking for projects to get involved with we suggest you check out the projects linked to from the main page of this wiki.

Book a Nook is an online tool to activate community spaces, with a particular focus on libraries. It’s approach is differentiated from similar tools in the following ways:

  • Networks spaces: Supports searching across libraries / systems
  • Data for advocacy and evaluation: Aggregates reservation data to inform space usage, advocacy, and experimentation, while respecting patrons’ privacy.
  • Connection: Provides an open API so that libraries can better integrate their resources with online organizational platforms (e.g. Meetup, Eventbrite)

The project aims to expand libraries' digital presence and to deepen their integration within an online ecosystem.

Github repo:

More information about Book a Nook can be found on the github wiki.

Potential summer projects:

An initial round of development was recently completed providing core functionality. We’re currently looking for a developer to both refine core user experience as well as support creative use of the tool. Below are some development features listed in order of priority to the project. Each link points to a specific issue on the project's gitHub page.

High priority

Add unsubscribe link to all emails

Medium priority

Low priority