Accra, Ghana 2002


Internet Radio

Radio journalist Christopher Lydon was in Ghana to continue the local/global radio initiative of BIRD (Berkman Internet Radio Direct).

The pilot BIRD project took place in Jamaica in December 2001. Chris Lydon's report on that project with audio excerpts can be found on

Ghana and the Internet (Windows Media file)

Streaming Audio

Chris Lydon hosted a 3-hour live call-in talk show on Ghana's ChoiceFM. The program aired Monday through Friday, beginning March 13th for two weeks, from 4pm to 7pm EST, (9pm to midnight Ghana time).

Archived Audio (RealAudio)

Wednesday March 13 2002 HOUR 1
Wednesday March 13 2002 HOUR 2
Wednesday March 13 2002 HOUR 3

Audio Reports

Producer Benjamen Walker will be gathering and editing audio from all aspects of the Berkman Ghana 2002 trip. Check back for updates.

Photo Album

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