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Please add your name below to let us know you plan to attend. Institutional affiliation and personal website are also helpful, if you feel like adding them. Attendance will be capped at 150. If you need to cancel, please email mkribble at so we can make sure your space goes to someone else.

Note: because this is a new wiki, you will need to create an account to edit. If you have trouble with it, please send an email to mkribble AT I

Some things to do after you register

  • Propose a breakout session
  • Sign up for a birds of a feather Dutch treat dine around
  • Add some items to our suggested readings list.
  • Email the MAC address of any wireless device(s) you wish to use during the conference to Meg Kribble (mkribble AT (If you don't know how to find your MAC address, try Googling the name of your device or operating system and "find MAC address." If that doesn’t work, please let us know and we’ll try to help.)

Registration List

1. John Palfrey, Harvard Law School

2. Pam Peifer

3. Meg Kribble, HLS Library

4. Kent McKeever

5. Michelle Pearse

6. Barbara Garavaglia

7. Benjamin Keele

8. Kimberly Hall

9. Margaret Peachy

10. Karen Beck

11. Pamela Schofield, State Library of Massachusetts

12. Susanna Leers

13. Simon Canick

14. Sarah Hooke Lee

15. Kenneth Hirsh, University of Cincinnati College of Law

16. Melanie Dunshee

17. Christine I. Hepler

18. Richard Danner

19. Rick Buckingham, Suffolk University Law School

20. Richard Leiter, University of Nebraska

21. Chris Knott

22. Anne-Marie Taylor

23. Marlene Alderman

24. Elliott Hibbler

25. Andrea Rasmussen

26. Renee Rastorfer

27. June Casey

28. Sharon O'Connor

29. Joan Shear

30. Bob Hodge

31. Susan Sweetgall

32. Caroline Walters

33. Charlie Nesson, Harvard Law School

34. Michelle Wu

35. Ron Wheeler, University of San Francisco School of Law

36. Stefanie Weigmann

37. Margie Maes, Legal Information Preservation Alliance

38. Pat Court, Cornell

39. Carl Yirka ; Vermont Law School

40. Anne Klinefelter; UNC Law School

41. Russell Sweet

42. Amy Emerson

43. Michael Fisher

44. Sue Zago

45. Scott Matheson, Yale University Library

46. Mary Ann Neary

47. Meg Hayden, Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries

48. Anne Acton; New England Law | Boston

49. Debby Weiss, Harvard Law School Library

50. Scott Childs, University of Tennessee

51. Tracy Thompson-Przylucki, NELLCO

52. Mark Strattner, Law Library of Congress

53. Bridget Reischer, Harvard Law School Library

54. Cathy Conroy, Harvard Law School Library

55. Dick Spinelli

56. Suzanne Wones, Harvard Law School Library

57. Teresa Miguel, Yale Law Library

58. Ryan Harrington, Yale Law Library

59. Roberta Shaffer, Law Library of Congress

60. Margaret A. Leary, University of Michigan Law Library

61. Judith Wright, University of Chicago

62. Lyonette Louis-Jacques, University of Chicago

63. Sergio D. Stone, Stanford Law Library

64. Alex Berrio Matamoros, Boston College Law Library

65. Bob Berring

66. Sarah Glassmeyer

67. Kathleen Price

68. Carl Malamud

69. Joe Hodnicki

70. John Mayer, Executive Director, CALI

71. Siva Vaidhyanathan

72. June Liebert

73. Joshua Gay

74. Marnie Warner, Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries

75. Brian Harkins

76. Kathleen Vanden Heuvel, Berkeley Law Library

77. James E. Duggan, Tulane University

78. Barbara H. Brandon, University of Miami Law Library

79. Martin Cerjan, St. John's University

80. Anna Lawless

81. William Mills, New York Law School, Mendik Library

82. Eugene D. Hsue, Temple Law Library

83. Heather McHenry, Roger Williams University School of Law Library

84. Michael McHenry, Naval War College Library

85. John Miano, LexisNexis

86. Lorraine Lezama

87. Carli Spina

88. Noa Kaumeheiwa

89. George Taoultsides, Harvard Law School Library

90. Susan M. Cleary, Nutter McClennen & Fish, LLP

91. Jacqueline Cantwell, Brooklyn Supreme Court Law Library

92. Lyn Warmath

93. Margaret Cianfarini, Harvard Law School Library

94. Ellen Augustiniak, UC Irvine Law Library

95. Sarah Montgomery, Liberty Mutual Corporate Law Library

96. Todd Melnick, Fordham Law School Library

97. Carissa Vogel, Columbia University

98. Diane Frake, University of Hawaii

99. Cate Kellett, Yale Law Library

100. Julie Graves Krishnaswami, Vermont Law School

101. Jennifer Wertkin, Columbia Law School

102. Kim Dulin

103. Donna Byrne, Hancock Estabrook, LLP

104. Kathleen (Katie) Brown, OCU Law Library

105. Johanne Blenkin, Courthouse Libraries BC

106. Drew Jackson, Courthouse Libraries BC

107. Mandy Ostick, Courthouse Libraries BC

108. Kris Gilliland, University of Mississippi

109. Kyle Courtney, Harvard Law School Library

110. Eloise Vondruska, Northwestern University School of Law

111. Jim McMasters, Northwestern

112. Margaret Christiansen, Regent University School of Law

113. Keith Ann Stiverson, Chicago-Kent College of Law

114. Vicki Szymczak, Brooklyn Law School

115. Lynn Wishart, Cardozo School of Law

116. Karin Johnsrud, Fordham Law School Library

117. Julie Lim, CUNY School of Law

118. Jacob Sayward, Fordham Law School Library

119. Thomas French, Syracuse University

120. Aslihan Bulut

121. Lisa Junghahn

122. Blair Kauffman

123. Emilie Benoit, Roger Williams University School of Law Library

124. Phillip Gragg

125. Julia Wentz, Loyola Chicago

126. Duncan Alford, Univ. of South Carolina

127. Michael Bernier, BNA

128. Mike VanderHeijden, Yale Law Library

130. Mary Rogalski, Choate, Hall & Stewart

131. Deena Frazier, Boston College Law Library

132. Heather Casey

133. Elizabeth Farrell, Florida State University

134. Diane D'Angelo, Suffolk University Law School

135. Jen Gordon, Harvard Law School

136. Mary Kilpatrick, Mass. School of Law

137. Judith Wolfe, Mass. School of Law

138. David Bachman, Boston University

139. Spencer E. Clough, University of Massachusetts

140. Howard Senzel, University of Massachusetts

141. Valerie Weis, Harvard Kennedy School

142. Sally Wise, University of Miami

143. Alix Quan, State Library of Massachusetts

144. Fred Shapiro, Yale Law Library

145. Bette Siegel, State Library of Massachusetts

146. Scott Bailey, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey

147. Helen Litwack, New England Law | Boston

148. Jeanne Rehberg, New York University School of Law

149. Travis Coan, Harvard Law School

150. Louis Mirando, Osgoode Hall Law School

Waiting List

1. Edward Hart, University of Florida

2. Jon Stock

3. Lisa Smith-Butler, Charleston School of Law

4. John McNeill, Pace Law Library

5. Carolyn P. Ahearn, Hofstra Law Library

6. Elmer R. Masters, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

7. Marylin J. Raisch, Georgetown Law

8. Susan C. Sullivan, 1st Circuit U.S. Courts Library

9. Helen Lacouture, Boston College Law Library

10. Sarah Nashat, Suffolk University Sawyer Library

11. Valerie Carullo, New York Law School Library

12. Mark Popielarski, Drexel University

13. David Read, Harvard University Archives

14. Jessica Pisano


NOTE: If you sign up on the waiting list, please send an email to jengordon AT so that we have your email address and can contact you.