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Arriving earlier than Thursday

  • Mayo Fuster Morell: Arriving to Boston Monday 19th and departing Sunday 25th: Available for activities during the week. Contact: or sms texting 0039-3345440747
  • Giorgos Cheliotis - +65 8168 7831
  • Marcos García

Arriving on Thursday

  • Yuri Takhteyev - (staying in Boston)
  • Mike Linksvayer - 408 306 9768,
  • Tyng-Ruey Chuang - t r c @ i i s . s i n i c a . e d u
  • Bodó Balázs - +36-209-780-705, would fancy a drink somewhere


  • People availeble to informal meeting - hanging out on Thursday Oct 22? (Please someone familiar with Boston/Cambridge could you suggest a good place where drinking something together?)

Giorgos: Grafton's is a pretty straightforward pub/restaurant close to Harvard Square: [1]

+ Mayo Fuster Morell: + Yuri Takhteyev + Giorgos Cheliotis: (probably only later in the evening for a drink)

  • I am giving an informal and short presentation about Medialab-Prado today in Roth Room, second floor of the MIT Medialab, at 7pm. It would be nice if you could come.