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Unfortunately, some of the great potential the Internet holds for racial exchange and racial harmony is being damaged from the tremendous amount of hatred on the Interne. From web sites, to usenet groups, to chat rooms, to even racist Internet Service Providers (ISPs) racist organizations have found a ready home on the Internet. The architecture of the Internet make it a very powerful tool for the dissemination of hatred. Since it is accessible 24 hours a day and very inexpensive, and provides anonymity to many users, especially in chatrooms and usenet groups - comparable to the hoods the Klan dons - the Internet has transformed the amount and extent of hatred available to groups who want to spread their message.

One of the Internet's foremost leaders of hate, Don Black, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan describes the effect the Internet has had on him: "It's been a tremendous boon for us. That's why I dedicate most of my time to this. I feel like I've accomplished more on the Web than in my 25 years of political activism. Whereas before, we could reach only people with pamphlets or holding rallies with no more than a few hundred people, now we can reach potentially millions."

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