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Full Title of Reference

The Origin of Altruism

Full Citation

Citation should be in Bluebook Style. For example, for an article in a journal:

John Maynard Smith, The Origin of Altruism, 639 Nature 393 (1998). [URL_of_Article_if_Available_Online Web] [Alternate_URL_of_Article AltWeb]

[URL.to.Google_Books_Entry Google Books] <- these are all optional but include if available.

[URL.to.World_Cat_Entry World Cat]

[URL.to.Amazon_or_Amazon_Scholars_Entry Amazon]


If there is more than one category for heading, separate by comma.

Key Words

If available, copy keywords from journal listing of related terms, separated by comma.

Computer Crimes -- Military Aspects, Regulations And Rules, War (International law) -- Laws


The purpose of the synopsis is to give the reader not only the subject matter of the reference but also the authors' conclusions. The goal should be to include what would be included in an Executive Summary. You can copy relevant paragraphs (enclose into format), or summarize or reprint an provided executive summary.

Additional Notes and Highlights

Outline key points of interest or other information that does not fit in one of the topics above including links to reviews, citations of the reference, online discussions, Table of Contents, sample chapters if the full reference is not available online.