Which Cars and Destinations Are Best For a UK Staycation

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In recent years there has been a trend for people to holiday here in the UK rather than jetting off to exotic locations abroad. Many people who take staycations will also have one or two trips abroad booked, but a staycation is the perfect low fuss way to take an additional break without the need to book plane tickets. We are lucky in the UK to have a huge variety of locations which are perfect for family staycations and breaks for couples.

Whether you love beach locations or are more of a city person, or if you love to head out into our beautiful countryside, there is a staycation destination for you. The UK is also quite a small place, so driving yourself to your next UK break is perfectly doable within a day, even if you are going from one end of the country to the other.

The best used cars and MPVs for UK staycations

If you plan on driving to your next holiday destination here in the UK then you will want to choose a used car or MPV which is practical, reliable, and comfortable over long distances. You will need to choose a high quality used vehicle to get you there, and these are some of our best choices for used family cars and MPVs for UK staycations, which offer comfort over long distances as well as plenty of space for your whole family and all your luggage.

Peugeot 3008

If you only have 5 or fewer people travelling at once, the Peugeot 3008 is a great used buy. Plenty of interior space make this ideal for taking your family away to the seaside or into the country, and will give you a generous amount of boot space for luggage, camping gear, and sports equipment.

As well as being practical and reliable, the 3008 is a great used family car to choose as it doesn’t look too cutesy. It has a rugged exterior which looks on trend with more expensive cars in this class, and it has an impressively high spec interior, with the option for infotainment systems and on board navigation with some trim levels.

Citroën Grand C4 Picasso

If you have a large family or will be needing to transport a lot of luggage then the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso is an ideal used family car to buy. This MPV provides huge amounts of space internally, with room enough for up to 7 passengers. The rear seats also fold flat, so you will be able to transport large and bulky items with ease. There are 3 trim levels which add varying specifications including tinted windows, luxury mats, and soft touch dashboards which give the interior a premium feel.

DS 4 Crossback

The DS 4 Crossback is a sporty car which falls into the SUV crossover class. It is a very good looking car and it has a roof fitted spoiler and a rounded shape. If you need a car which is ideal for long driving sessions and weekend trips away then this is a good, affordable choice when bought used. Unlike many other cars in its class, it has a panoramic windscreen which gives the driver and passengers excellent visibility. Not only is this great for driver awareness and safety, it also gives your passengers a better view when driving through the UK’s many beauty spots and scenic routes which are part of what makes staycations so appealing.

Citroën C3

If safety is your top priority when looking for used family cars and MPVs for staycations, then the Citroën C3 is a great choice. Thanks to its lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring, and external cameras it is one of the safest and most trusted family cars for driving over long distances. There are several trim levels available for the Citroën C3, with the Flair trim level featuring an Airbump side panel for increased safety. Not only is this a safe car to drive, it is also highly reliable, compact and stylish. It is a joy to drive, and passengers can also expect a pleasant and comfortable experience, even when driving long distances for a staycation in the UK.