What kind of technologies are used in an online MBA program

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Introduction to online exam software

An online assessment is a convenient approach to determining your skill level in a specific topic. You may take this kind of exam anytime and from any place since it is available 24/7. It is simple to use and provides excellent convenience for learners. The most beneficial aspect of this mode of exam is that you may take it at any time of day or night. There are several factors and benefits to taking online degree programs.

Importance of Tech Tools used in online Programs

Tech tools used in online programs are more crucial than ever in an era of digital media. Learners and instructors alike use technology to remain connected, enhance their abilities, and track individual improvement in today's world. While conventional teaching techniques do not allow such adaptability, online programmes may assist instructors in achieving it. Some of these tools are free to use and may be obtained over the Internet.

Technologies used In online MBA Programs

A few colleges offer complete online MBA programmes devoted to technology management. Others provide technology management alternatives in their primary curriculum. These programmes are often co-created with corporations, and some provide cross-campus experience. Learners may also take electives in technological sectors, including financial technology and digital business. Here are ways that technology might help instructors engage learners more effectively and enhance their learning environments.

Google Drive – The utilization of Google Drive is one of the most crucial features of an online MBA programme. This technology allows learners to keep a vast number of papers on the cloud, accessing them from anywhere. Its easy interface enables learners to save and retrieve their work from anywhere, making it the most practical alternative to Microsoft's desktop apps.

SoundNote – SoundNote technology provides several benefits for online MBA classes. When a learner misses a detail in a lecture, SoundNote replays the audio to fill in the gaps. It is also beneficial to journalists who regularly overlook aspects during interviews. This technology contributes to eliminating this issue by making it easier for learners to absorb lecture content.

Notability – The Notability technology makes taking notes in online MBA programs seamless. Notability allows you to annotate documents and images, record lectures, and sync them across cloud platforms. You can use these technologies to save and grade assignments. These applications are helpful for online management learners.

Office Lens – The technology behind Office Lens has been available for a few years, but the popularity of the feature has only recently reached its zenith. It's a scanning app that enables users to quickly capture a document and instantly sync it with MS-OneNote or MS-OneDrive. It even has advanced features that allow it to recognise the size of a copy, crop images to make them more attractive and automatically detect its edges.

Zoom – A web conferencing system like Zoom is an effective tool for online education. The program supports full audio, video, screen sharing, and annotation options. It is also available on various computer platforms, including mobile devices. The technology allows instructors and learners to create breakout rooms where learners can work together on specific case studies or questions. Other Zoom features include a whiteboard for presenting information and recording guest speakers.

StudyBlue – StudyBlue provides learners with an innovative digital backpack for all their study needs. Learners can work independently or collaborate with fellow learners or collaborate online with instructors. Using the study materials created with StudyBlue, learners can work anywhere and anytime, from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. With these features, learners can get the most out of their education. They can also work on their coursework when and where they need it.

Why Choose an online MBA from Online Manipal?

Manipal University Jaipur's online MBA pricing is similar to that of other online courses. The degree programme lasts two years and consists of four semesters. It focuses on management electives such as human resource management, marketing, finance, and analytics. Applicants may also choose from industry-relevant specialisations such as retail management or finance.

This university was founded in 2011 and is approved by NAAC A+ accredited and UGC. The institution provides a wide selection of online degree programmes, including an MBA. Manipal University Jaipur's online MBA programs in India are intended to train future leaders for roles in management in various industries. The remote learning concept enables learners to finish their course wherever they are, regardless of time zone. This makes it an excellent choice for working individuals interested in pursuing an online MBA.


If you want to better your profession and get an advanced degree, consider Online Manipal’s online MBA programmes. While it is essential to choose the correct programme, it is also critical to discover a suitable fit. An excellent school will help you form deep bonds with your professors and classmates. Aside from lecturers, you may have the opportunity to work with business and industry experts, who will expand your learning experience.