What is White Collar Crime

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White-collar crime is an illegal act characterized by the individual's intent to defraud or steal from a corporation. It typically involves some sort of financial dishonesty, but it can also involve securities fraud, computer hacking, corruption, and bribery. An experienced white-collar crime lawyer in Bradenton can help protect your legal rights if you are accused of a white-collar crime. 

Examples of white-collar crime in Bradenton:

  1. Computer-Related Crime

A computer-related crime involves an individual using a computer to perform illegal activity. It includes online fraud, copyright violations, identity theft, and hacking into a computer system that controls a victim's bank account or other financial activities. Because these crimes are typically committed by a computer hacker and occur through the use of software and the Internet, it is called cybercrime. A skilled white-collar crime lawyer in Bradenton can help protect your legal rights when accused. 

  1. Securities Fraud

Securities fraud involves investors being defrauded out of their money by dishonest business people. The fraud can be intentional or unintentional, perpetrated by individuals or corporations. In addition to securities fraud, there is also mutual fund fraud. In Bradenton, there is no shortage of white-collar crime lawyers to handle criminal cases for their clients.

  1. Corruption

Corruption involves a public official being deliberately bribed for his or her vote or for some other government action. It is considered a crime because public officials are supposed to uphold the law and follow the rules. A skilled white-collar crime lawyer in Bradenton can help protect your legal rights if you are accused of corruption. Corruption is a crime that is often committed by politicians, but it can also be committed by law enforcement officials, judges, or any other government official.

  1. Bribery

Bribery involves an individual being paid money in order to take an action favorable to the briber. It involves a person conducting business with something illegal in mind. It is considered a crime because the person is being paid money to commit the illegal action. with an experienced lawyer in white-collar crime can help protect your legal rights if you are accused of bribery.

  1. Corporate Fraud

Corporate fraud is a financial crime that involves cheating within a corporation. It occurs when an individual defrauds another within the corporation for profit or personal gain. It can also involve individuals stealing from their employer, lying about their qualifications, misappropriating company funds, committing embezzlement, making false financial records, or bribing a foreign official with other corporate interests in mind. When accused of such corporate fraud, it is a good idea to get a white-collar crime lawyer in Bradenton to help protect your legal rights.

  1. Corporate Retaliation

Corporate retaliation is the illegal act of pressuring a person who was not involved in an illegal act, forcing that person to resign because they know that the person's job is in jeopardy if they do not quit their job. These accusations can be dealt with by a white-collar crime lawyer. In addition, there is also wrongful termination of an employee. They are essentially the same crime because they both involve illegal activity and the victim having to quit their job due to the illegal act of the employer.

  1. Money Laundering

Money laundering involves someone taking money from criminal activity and making it appear to be clean, legitimate cash. Laundering money is often done to make it seem as though the money earned by criminal activity was obtained through legal means. By law, money laundering is also considered a crime. 

  1. Bribery of Foreign Officials

Bribery of foreign officials can involve any time that an individual or group offers a bribe to a foreign official to get him or her to make a decision that they want to be made. A skilled white-collar crime lawyer in Bradenton can help protect your legal rights if you are accused of bribery of foreign officials.

There are three common defenses that can be used in a white-collar crime case. The first is a lack of intent to commit an illegal act. Second, if the person intended to commit an illegal act, but he or she does not believe it was wrong, then that may constitute a defense. If a person did not use the money for personal gain and there was no intent to defraud anyone, then that person may have a defense as well. Lastly, if the individual did not knowingly commit an illegal act, then the individual will not have a defense at all. https://www.criminalattorneybradenton.net Keep reading at this link.