What’s behind Fortnite's global popularity

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If you have children at home, you've probably heard about Fortnite. Even if your child doesn't play, they may have friends who do so, or perhaps they like to watch someone playing on Twitch or YouTube. If you want to join the nearly 400 million players worldwide, you can download the game for PC, Android, iPhone, and even consoles! Fortnite it’s one of those games apps available for download.

What kind of game is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online third-person shooter battle royale game where people can gather materials and build some structures, at least in its most famous game mode. However, a PvE (player vs environment) mode is also called "Save the World".

Save the World is an open-world co-op game mode that can be played solo or networked with friends. The game involves fighting wave after wave of enemies driven by artificial intelligence.

Participants can create a team of three, go solo with a team of bots, or switch off the bots and play entirely alone.

How do you win in Fortnite?

As you might’ve guessed, in almost all online games there is a way to win. The objective of Fortnite is to land on a big island with 100 other players, find some weapons and resources to survive. If you manage to be the last one, you will achieve what’s known as “Victory Royale” and win several rewards for in-game usage.

How much does it cost?

Fortnite is free for all platforms, however, Save the World's co-op mode is paid and at the time of writing this article costs $15.99. Fortnite is known for its micro-transactions within the game, where players can purchase skins for their character, weapons, and more.

In-game currency (V-Bucks) can be earned by fighting in arenas and doing missions, but they can also be purchased with real money. These small transactions range from $7.99 to $79.99.

Can my child play with anyone?

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a social experience. As mentioned above, players might play in groups of up to four and may or may not cooperate to win. These people are usually chosen at random.

However, on the main game screen, it is possible to add friends from social networks. In this way, players can play with people they know and coordinate better.

Fortnite has seasons that last three months. In each season there are significant changes to the map and the range of weapons. This is especially important because the strategy changes with the weapons, resulting in a partially different new season every three months.

Different game modes to be played!

Arena is a competitive mode. Arena points are accumulated according to arena results, and these points determine the winner. Having lots of points allow you to participate in tournaments.

Arena is a mode for those who play Fortnite competitively and want to take it a bit more seriously. Most of the people in the lower levels are not very skilled players, so the strongest players are placed in the higher match levels.

Hopefully, this general and basic information about this popular game is enough to get your team into the arena. Or at least, comprehend what kind of game your child cannot stop thinking about.