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Edit Music for Video: Let’s Do It Even Better

We are almost sure that this has happened to you: you watch the video but understand that music is not blended smoothly and ruins the whole vibe. If you want to avoid this when creating your video content, we have some tips for you! If audio is not done right, it becomes a distraction. In this case, your viewers will not like your work, so it is crucial to learn how to edit music for your video. In this article, we are going to reveal some secrets on how you can prevent your background audio from skipping a beat. Stay tuned to learn more!

Why does this happen to you?

The most common reason why background track missing or skipping a beat is editing. For instance, you downloaded royalty free music from a site like, cut it, and then tried to join it together, but something went wrong. This issue is pretty common when content creators want to extend the track or loop it. If you tried to do this yourself, you probably know that sometimes cuts and loops are inevitable. If you want the audio to suit the length of the video, it is often necessary to edit it. And sometimes people mess up on this stage. So, if this happened to you or you are afraid that this can occur with your video, check our ideas on how to fix and prevent this problem.

How to edit your music in video editors

There is no need to download some sophisticated audio editing software to make sure the no copyright music suits the video. You can do everything in your video editing software. Depending on which software you use, the editing process may vary slightly, but it will not affect the quality of your content if you do everything right. In the most popular programs (Adobe Premiere, ScreenFlow), editing audio is very easy, and you will see it just in a moment. So, when you open your project and the audio in the software, think about the edits you need to do. Is it cutting out a part of the track? Or, maybe, blending? The exact actions you will need to take depend on your aim.

You will see audio waveforms in your software, so zoom them, if possible. It will help you catch this very beat, which should start or end your piece. You will need to listen to the part you want to edit not once, but several times to do everything right. For example, you want to repeat any part of the track again, so it suits the storyline of your video. Adobe Premiere and other similar programs will allow you to copy and paste a piece of audio you select. However, it may be challenging to pick the right beginning or end of your cut: that is why listening to it several times is essential. When you caught the beat, cut your piece and paste it wherever you need to.

You will likely not enjoy the result from the first try as it may be not very smooth. In this case, just spend more time refining that and keep trying to catch the necessary beat. Sooner or later, you will be able to get it right, and practice makes perfect! You can also blend two tracks if you want to! Again, you will need time to do everything right because catching these sneaky beats can be challenging. Blending two audio pieces is quite an easy task for Screen Flow, and it is easy to edit two tracks as you can put them simultaneously on your working panel.

When blending tracks, it is crucial to find the point where they come together perfectly. As already mentioned, it requires attention and time. Being focused on music will help you select the right beats.

As soon as you are done with selecting the parts you want to blend, you can add transitions to improve the quality of the final result. From the technical point of view, these are general things you need to know about using video editors for audio improvement. You can read guides or watch videos that help to understand the process of editing in your favorite software.

Things to remember

Background music is vital for video content, so you do not want to be flippant about it. Audio that is edited nicely can create an atmosphere and make your video outstanding while negligence in this aspect can ruin your efforts. If the audio is edited poorly, your viewers will notice it. They will not necessarily understand what the problem is but the atmosphere of your video will be destroyed, which is unfortunate. Another thing to remember is to stay focused. Yes, listening to the same track can be tedious, but it will help you do everything right. When you do it many times, you gain experience and need significantly less time to edit your audio. So, again, practice makes perfect!

In conclusion

Audio editing can make the difference between just a good video and an awesome one your viewers will like and want to watch again. Not only do you need the right track for your video that matches the storyline of it, but you also need to edit it properly. No specific skills are necessary, but you will still need to practice and perfect your editing. Of course, something can go wrong the first time you try audio editing, especially if you are new to the field. But we promise you that the result will make a huge difference, so it is definitely worth your time! We hope that you find our guidelines on audio editing useful, at least as a general framework of tips on what you need to do. Have good luck with your journey in content creation!

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