Types of mobile app developers

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Among the studios that provide services for the production of mobile applications, the following types can be distinguished:

Freelancers. These are lone professionals (or non-professionals). The signed contract obliges to complete the work on time. Using freelance services is more risky and less reliable. Companies that use templates and constructors. Studios create applications based on already developed layouts with individual variations. Custom development firms: The last type of companies can be divided into two subtypes:

Working with the involvement of outsourcing specialists. In this case, the studio attracts outside performers to perform some stages of production. Having their own team of full-time professionals. The staff of designers, programmers, designers and full-time testers is at the service of the customer. The choice of one or another type of developer depends entirely on the tasks that you assign to the application. It is important to take into account not only current wishes, but also the prospects for the development of the product in the future. A simple application with common features can be made on the constructor by freelancers. A complex application with unique functionality that requires integration with the internal system of the enterprise is a matter of solution by a serious qualified team of developers, designers, layout designers. In this case, your choice is a full cycle studio. Learn more at https://www.jappware.com/

The question whether the studio resorts to the services of outsourcing specialists or not should be asked without fail. The use of outsourcing services adds an additional link to the development chain, which, on the one hand, can increase the speed of development, and on the other hand, increases the risk of failure to complete tasks. Here you need to carefully study both the company and its partners, so as not to make a mistake with the choice.