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What types of service does a digital marketing company offer?

Digital marketing company encompasses all kinds of activities that are done online to promote a brand or boost its sales. Every company that wants to reach an audience today needs to have a digital presence. The world has gone digital. Today, thanks to smartphones and mobile devices, users have all the information they are looking for literally in the palm of their hand. In the virtual there are no distances or borders and your clients need you to be always available, just one click away.

Digital Marketing company Strategy

A digital marketing company should ideally provide all the services that allow your company to implement the necessary actions to have an online presence. The most important service is that of Digital Strategy, which establishes the objectives and goals for your company, and from it, the guidelines are derived to know what other services your company will need.

To make a good strategy, the first thing is to carry out a good analysis of your company at a digital level. This implies an audit of your website, knowing how your brand is positioned, which companies are your competition, who are your clients, and what are their interests. With this, you can set new goals and a strategy to achieve them.

Digital Services 

We already know that a strategy is a set of actions that allow the objectives defined by the company to be met, which are generally aimed at optimizing the online reach to increase conversions on the website. 

At Simply the best digital, we have different digital services, each one in charge of a different area and made up of specialist professionals for each action you need to implement.

These services are:

Campaigns in digital media: it consists of publishing ads on different platforms. It can be in social networks, websites related to your business, or search engines. These campaigns are optimized based on an analysis of the most searched words by users, related to your products or services and are managed with a monthly budget. 

Conversion optimization: when implementing a campaign in digital media, one of the objectives is to optimize the budget in the best possible way based on results. This service is focused on auditing your online advertising to detect how to increase conversions efficiently and effectively.

Organic Positioning (SEO): consists of the optimization of a website at a technical and content level based on an analysis of keywords, to position it in the first places of the search responses of search engines such as Google.

Web Analytics: consists of defining the indicators through which each objective will be measured. In addition to defining these parameters, the tools are configured through which these metrics will be monitored for later analysis.

Dashboard design in data Studio: this platform allows you to access data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, YouTube Analytics, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, and other sources from one place. This makes it easy to review data and generate periodic reports to evaluate metrics.

Google My Business: It's a Google tool that allows companies to manage their online presence by displaying the company file as a search result with a summary and its location on Google Maps. 

App Store Optimization (ASO): This allows you to improve the visibility of applications in the Play Store and App Store to increase the number of downloads.

Training in digital marketing: update the knowledge of your marketing team. In this way, they can be part of the strategy and facilitators of the implementation of actions to achieve the company's goals.

We are in an environment that requires us to quickly adapt to the changes with which we are constantly challenged. For this reason, it is important that we periodically evaluate our strategy and modify it if necessary. Implementing all the actions required to achieve the goals of your company is much easier if you seek advice from the appropriate professionals and specialists. At Simplythebestdigital we will accompany you and design the digital strategy tailored to your company.