Maximising Brand Impact Through Smart Packaging Design

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Thanks to smart packaging design, many brands can enjoy a simple, effective, and low cost solution which helps drive engagement with their products and brand identity. If you know anything about packaging, you will know that there are many different kinds, all of which are available at different price points, to various specifications, and they all give the packaged goods a different look.

One of the most cost effective packaging options is the cardboard sleeve, which is a strip of cardboard which goes around the item to be packaged and differs from complete boxes in that they are much cheaper to produce. They can be customised using any colours and branding style, and are the ideal place to print your product or pricing information and special finishes can be used to give the cardboard sleeve a special look.

Gift boxes are one of the most popular ways to package all kinds of goods, including but not limited to food, clothing, giftware, home furnishings, cosmetics and make up, and even medical supplies. They are a good choice for goods which are more fragile as they completely cover the item and give it a good level of protection. This makes them absolutely perfect for goods which are transported over long distances and are vulnerable to breaking in transit. Gift boxes can be made from all kinds of materials such as card, wood, plastic, and metal.

Another highly popular way to package goods is to pack them into gift bags. A gift bag won’t offer the same kind of protection as a full cardboard box, but they are still protective and can be stuffed with packing materials such as tissue paper to provide additional padding. Gift bags are not ideal for transporting goods via courier, and work best either packed into a box or sold in-person at a shop.

Branding benefits of choosing the right packaging

The right packaging will give your products a premium look for a relatively low cost. Packaging can elevate the visual aspect of a product, making it more desirable and exclusive. Creating most kinds of packaging is a simple and straightforward process, though some kinds such as the cardboard sleeve are cheaper to manufacture than others. Sturdy and reliable, cardboard boxes can be one of the more expensive ways to package goods as they cover more of an item than a sleeve will, and they are often thicker and more substantial than gift bags.

Bespoke packaging can be tailored to every sector, so no matter what kinds of products you produce and sell, or whichever niches you target, you will be able to give your packaging a unique, on-brand look which is perfect for your product. Besides providing protection to items, packaging is also the ideal location for all your branding; your logo, tagline, USPs and more can all feature prominently on your bespoke packaging to create something that is iconic and completely your own.

Packaging can be adapted to fit whatever is going on commercially for your company at the time. For example, if you are having a sale or promotion you can include promotional text and images on your packaging to make it more appealing to potential customers. This is also a great idea if you want to switch up your packaging on a seasonal basis as it is much cheaper to redesign your packaging and have new ones printed than it is to redesign your item to reflect the seasons. A good example of where this works well is how chocolate and confectionary brands will redesign their packaging to make it look festive in time for Christmas.

The most popular packaging on the market today tends to be made from recyclable materials like cardboard and other plant fibres. Using materials such as these is much more environmentally friendly than choosing plastics as they can be disposed of responsibly. Many brands benefit from employing green practices as today’s consumers are more environmentally aware than ever before and actively look for ethical alternatives. Cardboard sleeves are a particularly good eco choice as they use less ink and raw materials to produce than full gift boxes or bags usually do, though any packaging made from recyclable, sustainable materials is a good option.