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Today I'm gonna be talking to you guys about the difference between the different types of lace wigs because I know there's still a lot of people who don't understand the difference between them because some of them are very similar. So I'm just going to be going over the differences between a closure wig, a lace frontal wig, a full lace wig, Bob lace wig and a 360 lace wig. Most wigs are glueless lace wig now! I am going to help you find your dreaming hair. Okay, so I'm going to start with full lace wigs. Full lace wigs are usually the most expensive wig, let me just say that. because they give you the most customization range, you can do almost anything with a full lace wig, you can braid them, you can park them anywhere you want on your head. like so you can put it up into a bun like full lace wigs just give so many customization options. That is just like having that's your hair.

Frontal wigs, our wigs, where there's just least in the front, give you the flexibility to customize the whole front of your hairline however you want. And part it wherever you want, you know along the whole front end, that also allows you to be able to like put it up in a half up half down. And basically, just do whatever you want to the front of your head. But the back of your head is just a regular wick. So you won't be able to put it all the way up into up do. But that allows you to have full customization throughout your whole hairline.

Next time, I will share more about lace closure ,lace frontal ,hair bundles ,and undetectable invisible lace wig

360 lace wigs are lace wigs that are regularly lifted in the middle and have full customization around the whole hairline. So therefore that allows you to put it up into a bun and then close your wig, which is what I have on my head allows us the flexibility but it's okay because they're like the easiest wigs, those usually just have a three by four, a four by four parking space. And you can customize it from right here to right here. Or if you make your ways you can put the closure on the side so you can have middle parts or whatever. I'm talking about ways right now I'm not just talking about frontals and closures I'm talking about frontal wigs and closure wigs. That is the long story short of them all I'm gonna include while I probably already included the pictures by now I wanted to make this video very brief because a lot of people understand what they are, they just don't really know the exact differences. So if you want something where you can do whatever you want to if you change your hair into all these different styles like to ponytail like you want cornrows, all of that a full lace wig is probably best for you or even a frontal unless you're trying to put it all the way up. I don't really see a lot of people put their hair all the way up, I feel like frontals are the most popular. But lace wigs allow, like all the customization in the world frontals is probably my favorite. Because what I don't like about full lace wigs is that like since there's lace all the way around, you have to like if you do wear up, you're gonna have to like lay the back part of the wig just like how you lay the front to make it look natural. And sometimes it can be so much it's just, it's just annoying. So frontals are where I feel like the allows you the most flexibility with the customization without having the most work because I usually when I wear wigs, I usually just wear it down, okay, because I don't have time to put it up and do all that other stuff. So frontals personally are my favorite. And then closers closers are for like if you're the type of person who just likes to throw on the wig and go You don't really like to style your hair much like you can definitely style your hair with a closure but if you just want something like if you don't plan on putting your hair up into ponytails or braiding hair or doing all that other stuff closers are the best for you because they're also more affordable than the other two most likely and then 360 years I really don't see those that commonly but if you're going to get a 360 you might as well get a full lace wig cuz they're usually like around the same price and you can do more with a full lace wig and if you're going to have to customize the whole hairline anyway you might as well be able to do what you want in the middle with it as well. I think that briefly explained everything I don't think I need to go much more into detail so like I said my personal favorites are lace frontal wigs. Okay, so my favorites are at least once a week and I also like closures for just if you just want to go on the go because you could just throw them on and you usually don't have to like to glue them down. I mean you can glue them down. It for the most realistic look, but since there's such a little bit of parting space, and not much customization like you don't customize all of this, so like you don't need to do any of this down this week is not glued down. But with frontal 360s. And all these wigs, you usually want to glue down at least the whole front because if not, you'll be able to see the wig lifting, and it can just be annoying. So if you're a very low, low, low maintenance person, I would say closures are the best for you. Yeah, like I said, the frontals are right in the middle. So if you want some flexibility with your customization, but you also don't want to do too, too much work from tools are live, if you're the type of person who lose your wigs down, you know, the maintenance really isn't a big factor because me I don't do my wigs down. I don't wear my wigs for more than a day just because I changed my hair so much like I don't even want to wear it for more than 24 hours. So I kind of just want to be able to throw my wigs I don't want to have to put the got-2-b every morning and lay the edges every morning. So it's all preference. But if you have any more questions about each type of way, specifically comment them below because I don't want to just be like rambling, rambling, rambling. So I'm going to talk to you guys about this week or my head here. So this wig is the 18 inch Coralee unit from her given hair, like I said is a closure unit. If you don't know about her given hair, they are a natural hair extensions company, they have clippings, bundles, wigs, like all of that is 100% human hair, they have four different textures to match like whatever natural hair curl pattern that you have. And then they also have a blown-out once a matching loan out natural hair or streaking straight in here. I love it. As I said, it's super low maintenance, I can just throw it on, I don't have to glue it down and do all of that other stuff. If anything, you know, I can lay my baby hairs right here, whatever. But so this is a closure unit. Like I said it has an I believe three by four or four by four parking space right here. So you can park it anywhere that you want to right here. And then you can customize the hairline however you want. You can pluck the hairs, you know, you could do all of that the back is regularly wefted you know they had the adjustable strap, they have the three clips, one in the back, two on the sides. And yeah, that is a closure wig, you can literally just throw it on your head, and then boom, it's all got closure units are one of their cheaper units, and they're still so beautiful imagery. Back and forth. I wear my hair. Okay, all right, I'm gonna have all the details and the link to this wig in the description box. I know I talked about I can talk about like some expensive wigs on my channel. So that's why I wanted to do a closure wig because it is on the cheaper side of their way. So definitely look into this. But like I said her given here has all different types of ways. They have closures frontals, full lace, all of that, which is why I wanted to explain to you the difference between them off so you can find the preference that you know works best for you.