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Facebook is currently one of the most widely used social media sites, second only to Google. The site is free for all registered users, and has no cost associated with joining. Users can create an account at any time they choose. In addition to creating a profile, which allows them to connect with others, they can also begin posting comments, upload photos, post links to content or other related news, chat with other users, and share live video from within the site. Shared content may be made public, or it may be restricted to a group of trusted friends or family members, or by a single individual. Chatbot

Since Facebook is still in development, it offers many features that may be of interest to you as a business owner. One of the most popular uses right now is the ability to use facebook applications for your business. Applications are essentially programs that are written in php that run on facebook's servers and use the user's web browser to access various parts of the site via a web URL. There are a number of different examples of popular applications including games, news, calendars, photo sharing, and business management features.

Applications have become quite popular with the use of facebook as a social network. One of the most popular uses for facebook applications is the ability to make a business page that contains people's contact information, services, events, blogs, messages, and more. Businesses can also list their products and services, as well as their prices and specials.

Another way that businesses can use facebook is to attract new customers and retain current ones through the use of fan pages. Pages are an area on facebook where fans can hang out and discuss products and services they feel are important to their life. Many of these pages are used by young people as a way to connect with other young people who have similar interests.

With the introduction of applications to facebook, it is possible for a company to create pages that will connect the company to many users all over the world. For example, a young person who has a band that is popular may want to set up a page for people to listen to and comment on their music and get involved with the band. Setting up a fan page on facebook can connect many users who may not otherwise know your business. A simple link to your business website will help potential customers find you on facebook, as well as provide many ways to connect with your business.

You can also use facebook applications to promote your business in other ways besides displaying your latest news and events. One particular application that can be used by business is called Fubiz, which allows you to show images from your high school or college. This application can work in conjunction with your Facebook account or as a stand alone application. With this application, images can be dragged and drop onto the page, which will then appear in the news feed of the Facebook application. The great thing about this application is that it can allow you to post images that may not be approved by the user's home page.

There are numerous other applications available to Facebook users. Each application is designed to create a unique experience for users. For example, one application, called Fubiz, allows you to create and manage bookmarks. Another application, called Facebook Lite, creates a background image on the top of the user's profile page that changes every time the user opens their page.

In addition to allowing you to post images, photos, or videos that you may have taken while on vacation or while at work, Facebook applications can also be used to encourage customers to join your business' page. With the click of a button, a person can sign up for your newsletter, create a blog entry, or even follow you on Twitter. These are just some of the things that can be done when you use an application to connect to your Facebook page. A person's personal information, including name, address, email address and telephone number, will never be released without the permission of the user. As long as the information is secure, you will always be able to keep your client's and business contacts private.