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personal Maryland Injury & Auto Accident Law Firm At Dubo Law, every single customer gets immediate admittance to Neil's broad and significant level case insight, excellent scholastic resume and many years of lawful history. What's more, if all that is sufficiently not, above all, these uncommon components cooperating synergistically, produce critical outcomes and esteemed results for our customers, for a lifetime. From his graduate school achievement, to his recognized re-appraising clerkship, to being the "legal advisor's legal counselor" in addressing different lawyers in legitimate negligence and morals cases, Neil has built up a standing as persevering and forceful, without forfeiting the affable style that charms him to customers and individual lawyers the same. It is that approach and achievement that prompted Neil being appraised as one of the Top 100 Civil Trial Lawyers in the whole territory of Maryland by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Furthermore, it is additionally that approach that has prompted Neil's high customer fulfillment throughout his profession. With Neil and Dubo Law, LLC, you get the advantages of a prepared, experienced and effective lawyer combined with a more modest volume of cases than a "huge" firm, which considers more close to home consideration and quicker case goal.