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From Cyberlaw: Difficult Issues Winter 2010
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daily devotional Most have been improved, however too many have been hurt! Not by the actual Bible, but rather by individuals sharing what they trust it says. Tragically, now and again individuals fail to understand the situation, however far more detestable, evil individuals frequently misshape the Bible's message to exploit others. Here at Bibleor, we perceive the Bible has regularly been misjudged and abused. Our point isn't to force religion on anyone or beat you over the head with a message that doesn't help you. This is another gander at the every day reverential — giving opportune, applicable and propelled content from a scriptural viewpoint you can utilize and apply in manners that will really improve your life. On the off chance that perusing and considering the Bible doesn't bring about some sort of advantage, why bother? All things considered, that is the guarantee of the Bible, isn't it — to improve lives?