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What is an SEO company and what do they do for its clients?

An SEO Company is a business that focuses on enhancing its clients' search engine rankings and visibility (Google). The goal is to ensure that when users search for similar phrases, your brands, goods, and websites appear among the first search results.

Because web positioning is influenced by a variety of factors, it is common to find specialists in several fields within an SEO firm, such as:

Content creation: a blog's articles, a website's different pages, e-commerce product descriptions, and even a brand channel's YouTube videos must all be properly optimized to increase positioning. On-page SEO includes elements such as titles and descriptions, as well as the structure of the pages. It also addresses a variety of technical issues, such as ensuring a fast loading speed and preventing duplicate URLs.

User experience: It's crucial to remember that visitors to your website are people, not robots. As a result, SEO and UX should never be separated. The goal of off-page SEO is to improve a website's reputation by generating high-quality inbound links.

What does a SEO company do for its customers?

Now I want to talk to you about the reputation of SEO since there is no doubt that many see it with bad eyes. The reason? Many have used SEO as they wanted and applied dishonest practices, known as Black Hat SEO, and that has caused many to associate SEO as something dark.

Seen in this way, it can seem that SEO is against brands and differentiation.

Consider this: an SEO and web positioning business that uses White Hat SEO strategies to combine the brand with the key searches and get your potential clients to find you can combine the brand with the key searches and get your potential clients to discover you. Whenever they conduct a search for your goods and services

An SEO company strategy's success will be determined by the tactics and technologies they utilize to boost your website's positioning. As a result, choosing an SEO provider must be carefully considered.

Obviously, your web page has good SEO optimization, with correct data marking, loading speed, and, in general, provides a nice customer experience, all of which will aid in site placement in Internet search engines like Google.

And, as I told you before, do not use techniques penalized by Google, known as Black Hat SEO, because if Google penalizes you, you would lose all the work done, in addition to giving a bad image. Your users are not aware of the techniques you use to be in the results but that, disappearing one fine day, does not speak very well of your actions.

You may be wondering what an SEO agency can do for you in more concrete terms. Their job usually consists of a series of steps:

Together with the client, prepare an SEO briefing: Communication is very important for the relationship between clients and SEO agencies to work. Therefore, the first step is always to sit down together to prepare a document that includes the objectives to be achieved, what products or services we are interested in promoting more, and other issues.

SEO Audit: The most usual scenario is that the brand already has its own website or other online material, in which case the first step will be to assess how they are positioning themselves and what holes need to be filled. The top competitors should also be included in this research.

Preparation and execution of a positioning plan: The SEO agency will be responsible for defining and carrying out the activities based on all of this information. Remember that SEO is a never-ending process: after the first setup, you'll need to perform a number of maintenance chores.

Measurement and communication: The SEO agency will produce a series of reports on the results obtained and will engage with the client on a regular basis to keep them informed and to agree on the next measures to take.