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Usually, people use a pair of mahjong. After the game is played, the mahjong player shuffles it, builds it, and plays it again. For automatic mahjong table, you need to use two special sets of mahjong tiles. After playing, you need to operate, the mahjong machine input and select the mahjong tiles will be promoted by the inner pushing machine When you get to the desktop, people can continue to fight. It is fast and labor-saving, and it is favored by many fans.

As a high-end entertainment product, some hemp table has entered the people's life hotel due to its comfort, health, and health, and the hotel has taken it as a necessary accessory item.

For As a beginner of Mahjong game, we need to know how to play it in rules.

Different countries different rules, but for the basis, most of elements are the same.

How to play Mahjong game:

Mahjong is a Chinese popular game played with sets of tiles. It is one of the best games for negotiation, strategy and cooperation. These rules will focus on most basic rules of Mahjong, easy and simple for beginner. How to play Mahjong game? PLAYERS The Mahjong game is usually played with four players.

COMPONENTS Basic Mahjong game has 144 tiles in total:

Suit: 36 bamboos, 36 dots, 36 characters. Each suit is divided into four sets of number 1 to 9.

Honor: 16 wind tiles, 12 dragon tiles.

Bonus: 4 flowers and 4 seasons.

One pair of dice is used to determine who is the dealer.

MAHJONG LANGUAGE Pong: Pongs are a set of three identical tiles. (Triplet) Kong: Kong is a complete set of four identical tiles. (Quad) Chow: Chow is a meld of three suited tiles in sequence. (Sequence) Eyes: Eyes are two identical tiles which are an necessary part of a legal winning hand. A piece can't be stolen from the board or other players, ONLY can be drawn by yourself. GOAL In short, Get one single Mahjong to create several sets and a pair.

Basic win format:

Mahjong win format What is one set?

One set can be Sequence or Triplet

Mahjong set START According to the dice, dealer first, then each player receives 13 tiles, with the dealer starting with an extra 14th tile. Each player then arranges their own tiles and other players cannot. The dealer then discards one tile, and play begins to the left of the dealer.

PLAY Players can say 'Pong' then discard a tile which you don't need. For example, if the discarded tile was dots 3, now you have two same dots 3 tile in your hand, you can Pong at this time. Then face up the Pong on board.

And also you can say 'Kong', for example, now you have three same bamboo 5, when other players discard a bamboo 5 or you drawn a bamboo 5 in your turn, you can Kong.

If no one claims the discarded tile but it completes a chow for you, it means a tile can complete a Sequence for you, for example, you have character 4 and 6, other player discards a character 5, you can say 'Chow' then face up the Chow.

REMEMBER: You need to discard a tile after finishing Pong, Kong and Chow. HOPE Keep relax in Mahjong game, you will enjoy it with your friends and family. Try your best to gather all your needs to finish the goal.

Indeed, we know there are Chinese, American, Japanese(Richii), Philippine Mahjong. And Mahjong tiles have different sizes, 36#, 42#, 44# and so on... Richii is 28#.

So how can we choose the right Mahjong and table?

In the market, there are many kinds of Mahjong and Mahjong table for you to choose from, with different sizes, different qualities and different styles. So we love Mahjong game, how do we choose the only one that suits us?

First of all, we'd better know the sizes of Mahjong tiles.

Sizes of tiles

As usual, most of players like #42 and #44 tiles. They said these two sizes of tiles is good for drawing. According to Ergonomics, the most comfortable size to draw an object is just in the center of the palm. But for the choice of tiles, in my opinion, what suits you is the best.

And also, Mahjong tile is not limited to green and blue. Some tiles are cartoon pattern, or different brand logo pattern.


Generally, we need to know about three parts: Size, Style and Function.

Size: length * width * height

Measure the room space first. If you put an Automatic Mahjong table with 4 chairs in your room, will it look crowded or not.

This is the measurement sample of MJPong Automatic Mahjong table

Measurement of Automatic mahjong table

And also not all sizes of tiles match all the mahjong tables. For example, #44 mahjong tile matches one single style table which suits for tile size. But don't worry, some of sellers or manufacturers will set up the program, just tell them or MJPong what size of tiles and what style of mahjong table you would like to pick.

Style: Pedestal, Foldable and Four legs

Pedestal mahjong table has one single straight leg. It is a traditional style of Automatic Mahjong table. Like MJPong pedestal:

Automatic mahjong table pedestal

Foldable automatic mahjong table ' leg can be folded, it is easy to move and save space. After finishing a whole round of Mahjong game, it can be folded and moved to room corner. Like MJPong foldable:

Automatic Mahjong table foldable

Four legs automatic mahjong table is more like a dinning table. It is steady and good looking. If you don't want to use it to play Mahjong, put a cover onto surface, then it changes into a dinning table. But it can not be folded. Like MJPong 4-leg:

Automatic mahjong table four legs dinning

Function: Normal and Roller coaster As the name, roller coaster is an amusement park game, it is a type of amusement ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track designed with tight turns, steep slopes and sometime inversions.

From this innovated idea, table designer made a machine called Automatic mahjong table roller coaster. MJPong roller coaster:

automatic mahjong table roller coaster

It is hands-free style. Players just need to press the lifting button, then they can start the game with hands-free.

Make the best choice for your Mahjong journey. The automatic mahjong table can help you save time and play more.

Mahjong is a game that requires 4 persons, which is a competition, entertainment, and smart puzzle game.

As a fan of Mahjong, do you know why we love it?

Mahjong is a game that requires 4 persons, which is a competition, entertainment, and smart puzzle game.

1. Mahjong game is good for our Brain

As we all know, Mahjong is similar to the numbered game. Whenever you start the new game, there will never be exactly the same situation like before.

The tiles will be different every single time. In other words, playing Mahjong is that sort of game can always bring you curiosity and excitement as well as joy. Generally speaking, playing Mahjong requires the calculation ability of brain, logic ability, and reasoning ability plus critical thinking skill.

We need to use our brain fully to think how to win the goal and play in every step of the game. It is not easy, but absolutely funny! Playing mahjong regularly will exercise the brain also improve critical thinking to a great extend.

2. Mahjong game is helpful for us to build up more patience.

In a round of Mahjong game, we need to focus on every parts, like if we miss 'Pong' or 'Kong', probably we will leave behind the score.

"Always remember what you have done and what other players have done during the game."

As a Mahjong game master said, a whole Mahjong game just like a pitch-work, not only we have to combine different tiles, but also piece together our memory.

We are being patient, waiting for the tiles. If we get the perfect sets from luck, we need to make it to the best. Four players run to the final goal, if we are patient enough, we get 99%.

3. Mahjong game help us to release stress.

Have you ever felt stress-free? We try our best to work at weekdays. Job, study, much stress comes from everywhere.

When we sit down and prepare to play a game of Mahjong with our good friends or family, we are easily to forget the stress and troubles. We will feel unprecedented relaxed in this time.

When we feel overwhelmed, just playing the games for several rounds, which can help us reduce and relief our stress.

As a result, we feel energized, our BP decreases, our mood improves and we feel good overall. That's why people love to play Mahjong game so much, no matter elder people or young people(18+).

4. Enables us to make new friends easily.

Mahjong game is a for 4. It is a great way to branch out and meet new people outside, out of those people we already know.

We can go to Mahjong Hall at weekend, make some new friends who also love to play Mahjong game. We develop our interpersonal skills that makes us a well-rounded individual.

On the other hand, if we play Mahjong with automatic table at home, we can call our best friend to play with us, he/she will come to play with his/her own friend, we get to know a new friend just because of mahjong game! How wonderful!

5. It helps to develop pattern recognition skills

Mahjong players need to be able to recognize and distinguish the symbols on every single tile, even though they may not be familiar with them.

This triggers the development and improvement of mental pattern recognition skills. The more they play, the quicker players can identify the different tile symbols and match them easily.

However, this does not mean that they are able to describe each symbol in detail. Only that the brain becomes able to identify general patterns more quickly.

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